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Cable news roundup: Censorship in the West, and the growing divide between political parties

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Michelle Budge, Deseret News.

On Monday night, Fox News discussed growing censorship in the West, and MSNBC spoke about the divide between political parties and within them.

Fox News — Censorship in the West

Monday night on the “Ingraham Angle,” Laura Ingraham spoke to independent journalist Glenn Greenwald on censorship in the United States and Canada.

In Canada, “the Online Streaming Act is requiring all online services that offer podcasts to register with the government by the end of November,” Ingraham said. “It’s being done under the guise of ‘modernization.’”

Greenwald said that it’s all about censorship.

Greenwald, who focuses a lot of his reporting on censorship, said, “It’s a really rapidly growing problem in the West. I would say one of the most significant developments is multiple countries, including the United States, are looking for more ways to control the flow of content of political expression online.”

Ingraham then shared a clip of the prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, expressing support for the update of the Online Streaming Act and saying, “Conservative politicians stand against the arts community, stand against creators. We believe in making sure that Canadians can succeed around the world. In a digital world, we need to ensure the same ways Canadian producers of content are protected and upheld.”

Greenwald addressed Trudeau’s comments, saying, “No leader ever stands up and says ‘Hey, I’m a tyrant. I’m here to control political expression.’ ... They always have some benevolent explanation.”

He added that censorship is also a goal of the Biden administration if it gets a second term.

MSNBC — Are Democrats better at being bipartisan?

On “The Rachel Maddow Show” Monday night, Maddow discussed the issue of House GOP members threatening to remove Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy from his leadership position because he was willing to work with Democrats to avoid a government shutdown.

“Whether or not Republicans succeed in ousting their own Speaker of the House over this narrow miss on a government shutdown, the message is clear, right?” Maddow said.

Adding that, “In the Republican Party, if you work with Democrats on anything, you are in big trouble as a Republican. That is where the Republican Party is at right now.”

Maddow then shared one of President Joe Biden’s political campaign ads that focuses on the idea that Biden believes “compromise isn't a way of the past, it’s how he’s building America’s future.”

“President Biden has always been a very collegial guy both with his Democratic colleagues and also with Republicans. It is a core part of how he works as a politician,” Maddow said.

She added that even though he is progressive and liberal on nearly every issue, he is still willing to find common ground, the opposite of what Republicans are willing to do.