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Why Travis Kelce wore a BYU jersey during a ‘New Heights’ episode — and how social media reacted

BYU is coming off a win over Kelce’s former school, Cincinnati, and the star Chiefs tight end has a teammate and head coach who played for the Cougars

SHARE Why Travis Kelce wore a BYU jersey during a ‘New Heights’ episode — and how social media reacted

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce wore a BYU jersey during a recent recording session for his podcast, “New Heights.”


While the rest of the world — seemingly — is talking about the relationship between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end has given BYU fans something else to chat about around the virtual water cooler.

During the latest episode of his “New Heights” podcast that premiered Wednesday morning, Kelce wore a BYU jersey with the number 87.

The podcast features Kelce and his brother, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, sharing their insights of the NFL world, so it was a bit of a different look for Travis Kelce to sport a college jersey.

Why was Travis Kelce wearing a BYU jersey on ‘New Heights’?

Turns out, Kelce sported the Cougars’ royal blue jersey thanks to a bet connected to BYU’s 35-27 win over Cincinnati last Friday in the Cougars’ Big 12 home opener.

The Kelce brothers both played collegiately at Cincinnati, and there are a handful of BYU alums in the Chiefs building: head coach Andy Reid, practice squad tight end Matt Bushman and assistant running backs coach Porter Ellett.

“We had a good gentlemen’s bet in the locker room, or really, the entire facility because we’ve got a handful of BYU guys and a couple UC fellas,” Travis Kelce explained.

“My bet was if I lost, I had to wear a BYU jersey on the show, and of course, if they lost, they had to drink a beer with me,” Kelce joked. “I’m kidding, they didn’t agree to that. But I did bet them, you’ve got to come to a Vegas pool party with me at least.”

The bet all took place over text, Kelce said.

The Chiefs tight end said BYU even threw his name on the back of the jersey, and he turned toward the camera to show it off.

“I would say this jersey might have been worn. This might be a game-worn jersey cuz guys, when it’s too tight on their arms, they cut the corners (underneath the armpits), and these corners are cut,” Kelce said. “I don’t know if I just took this off a guy’s back from being in the game.”

When Kelce was walking around the Chiefs facility, he said a few people were asking if he would wear it on the show, and that former BYU tight end Chad Lewis — a former Philadelphia Eagle — was “excited” to see Kelce wear it.

Reid was among those to mention the jersey.

“You’ll see it, big guy. I’ll wear it with pride,” Kelce said. “Shout-out to BYU for getting the dub. Cincinnati, let’s go baby! C’mon! Let’s get back on the train, baby! UC!” 

Jason Kelce wrapped up the segment perfectly, with a double BYU reference.

“You’ve got a BYU jersey and an Andy Reid mustache. This is quite the scene,” the Eagles center said.

Travis Kelce’s connections with Matt Bushman

Prior to Super Bowl 57 last February in Phoenix, when the Kelce brothers faced each other in a 38-35 Chiefs victory, Travis Kelce talked about Bushman and his development.

“It’s been cool to see his growth. He was definitely making some plays in training camp and in the preseason before he got banged up, and it’s good to have him back in the building,” Kelce said of Bushman, as the Deseret News previously reported.

“I’m sure he’s flying high right now being in the Super Bowl in his home state.”

Kelce also made a reference to Bushman during a “New Heights” episode last month, when the brothers recapped the first week of the NFL season. Travis Kelce missed Week 1 with an injury, giving Bushman the chance to play his first regular-season snaps for Kansas City.

“On top of that, we had Matt Bushman come up from the practice squad and fill in for the third tight end role,” Travis Kelce said in a clip that BYU football shared on social media.

“That is a tight end name if I’ve ever heard one,” Jason Kelce responded.

“Matty Bushman?” Travis Kelce replied. “Stormin’ Mormon baby. BYU product right there. Shout-out to the Cougs.”

How social media reacted to Travis Kelce wearing a BYU jersey

Travis Kelce made a vague reference to the jersey more than an hour into the podcast, when the brothers were talking about another Cincinnati alum, Tennessee Titans tight end Josh Whyle, scoring last week.

“I feel like a jabroni in this jersey. Get this (expletive) thing off me,” Kelce said.

The BYU jersey had social media buzzing, too, with several Taylor Swift references and one former Cougar, long snapper Britton Hogan, claiming it had to be one of his old jerseys: