The Jonas Brothers took a trip to the “Year 3000” — and they brought a horde of screaming fans in Utah with them.

The band performed dozens of their top hits to a nearly sold-out crowd at the Maverik Center in West Valley City on Saturday night. There were times when it was hard to hear the music over the audience’s applause.

“This is honestly the loudest Salt Lake has been for us,” Joe Jonas, the band’s middle brother, said after the band played a few songs.

Joe Jonas of Jonas Brothers performs at the Maverik Center.
Joe Jonas of Jonas Brothers performs at the Maverik Center. | Jonas Brothers

How the Jonas Brothers came to be, broke apart and came together again

With a career spanning two decades, producing five albums and various solo projects, the real-life brothers — Kevin, Joe and Nick — have come a long way from their parents’ basement in New Jersey. While they found early success on Disney Channel, the Jonas Brothers have established themselves in the mainstream music industry, having 26 top 100 songs, according to Billboard.

The concert highlighted the brothers’ current success as musicians while also paying tribute to their long careers. Nick, the youngest in the band, was only 12 when their first album was released, per People.

Nick said during Saturday’s concert that their first album, “It’s About Time,” didn’t perform as well as they expected, so they were dropped by their first record label. Despite the early setback, the Jonas Brothers chose to continue making music.

“We learned how to fail early on so that we could look up in 2023 and be very proud to celebrate this journey with the people that got us here, all of you, so thank you,” Nick told the audience.

Their sophomore album, “Jonas Brothers,” shot them to mainstream recognition. Over the next few years, the brothers continued making music and appeared in Disney originals like “Hannah Montana,” the “Camp Rock” movies and even their own TV show, “Jonas.”

The band went on hiatus in 2011, and the brothers took time to work on individual projects, per People. Nick went on tour with his band Nick Jonas & the Administration, Joe released a solo album, and Kevin and his wife starred in a reality TV show.

The brothers reunited in 2012 but cancelled their planned 2013 tour, which People attributed to a “deep rift within the band.” The band confirmed they had split in 2013.

During the split, the trio continued to work on solo endeavors and focused on their own growing families, with both Joe and Nick getting married.

In 2019, the brothers reunited and released a comeback album, “Happiness Begins.” The band released “The Album” in May 2023 and began their discography-spanning tour a few months later.

Jonas Brothers dazzle the crowd — and tug at a few heartstrings

Saturday’s performance was the 44th stop of “The Tour,” which opened Aug. 13 in New York City. They’ve gradually made their way west over the past three months, but will finish up back where they started on Dec. 9 in Brooklyn.

On Saturday’s show, the three rose from the stage amid clouds of smoke shortly after 8 p.m. and played for nearly three hours, stopping only for a brief intermission. They played songs from each of their albums, including early hits such as “Burnin’ Up” and “Year 3000” and more recent songs like “Sucker” and “Waffle House.”

Nick Jonas of Jonas Brother performs at the Maverik Center.
Nick Jonas of Jonas Brother performs at the Maverik Center. | Jonas Brothers

Nick Jonas also sang “Jealous,” a song he released as a solo artist in 2014, and Joe played “Cake By the Ocean,” which he released with his band DNCE in 2015. The stage crew included DNCE guitarist JinJoo Lee and 14 others, featuring a brass band and a cello. Lee’s guitar solo in “Cake By The Ocean” was a showstopper.

Although the trio’s songs are generally upbeat pop with a hint of rock, they slowed it down for several softer ballads, such as “Hello Beautiful” and “When You Look Me In The Eyes.”

Nick became visibly emotional during “Little Bird,” a song the brothers released this year about their own children. Before they began the song, the camera panned to a fan, Kayla, holding a sign asking the band to dedicate the song to her “two angels in heaven.”

After strumming a few bars of the song, Nick was overcome with emotion and stopped playing. Joe then invited Kayla to join the brothers onstage for the remainder of the song, which they finished to thunderous applause.

The concert even included some holiday cheer, as Joe noted he had seen some snow on the mountains and asked the crowd if they would mind starting Christmas a little bit early. The brothers then sang their 2019 hit “Like It’s Christmas,” with fake snow exploding out of cannons and over the crowd. Joe even made a snow angel on stage during the song.

Jonas Brothers have come a long way since their debut album in 2006, and their musical careers are far from over. “The Tour” will take them around the U.S. before heading to Europe in 2024. Their next show is Tuesday in Spokane, Washington.