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This elementary school teacher is using the Miami Dolphins to teach math

An elementary school teacher in Florida has her students track the Dolphins’ wins and Tyreek Hill’s receiving yards every Monday

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Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill (10) runs a route during a game against the Kansas City Chiefs in Frankfurt, Germany, Nov. 5, 2023.

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill (10) runs a route during an NFL football game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Dolphins at Deutsche Bank Park Stadium in Frankfurt, Germany, Sunday, Nov. 5, 2023.

Steve Luciano, Associated Press

An elementary school teacher in Florida is using Tyreek Hill and the Miami Dolphins to teach her students math.

Mary Martinez, a Dolphins fan and teacher at Pinecrest Elementary School, was featured on ESPN “SportsCenter’s” “Feel Good Friday” segment on Friday and asked about how she’s incorporating sports into her teaching.

What Dolphins stats does the class track?

Martinez and her students started by tracking the Dolphins’ wins and losses every Monday morning. She records and shares their work on X, the site formerly known as Twitter.

In one such post, Martinez tagged Dolphins reporter Omar Kelly, who suggested the class track Hill’s receiving yards. Hill previously said that his goal was to hit 2,000 receiving yards this season, according to CBS Sports.

Martinez loved the idea and shared it with her class. Now on Mondays they also calculate Hill’s total yards and the receiving yards he needs to average in this season’s remaining games to reach his 2,000 yard goal.

“They loved it,” she said on “SportsCenter.” “We’re excited to come to school on Mondays now. There’s no ‘Sunday Scaries’ when on Monday morning, you get to talk Miami Dolphins football.”

Martinez has provided an incentive to get all students invested in the endeavor. If the Dolphins win, the class “wins,” in the form of 10 extra minutes of recess, according to one of her posts.

When one X user pointed out their concern for if their child came home from school a fan of a different team, Martinez said her students’ excitement doesn’t stem from a love of the Dolphins but from their love of recess.

“Not all are dolphins fans,” she wrote. “They are 8. They are recess fans. My jets fan loves him some extra recess.”

Hill isn’t the only Dolphins player getting the attention of Martinez’s students. Cornerback Jalen Ramsey has joined in on the fun after he suggested Martinez’s class track his interceptions.

A student has been assigned the responsibility of tracking Ramsey this season. Ramsey made his Dolphins debut on Oct. 29 and recorded an interception during the game.

Martinez also uses Mondays to go over lessons students can learn from the Dolphins wins and losses. They’ve discussed making sacrifices to achieve goals and overcoming adversity.

Despite the focus on the Dolphins’ stats, Martinez is a reading teacher, so after Miami’s loss Sunday, she had her students write about “how we can support our friends when they go through difficult moments and what we might say to them.”

What have the Dolphins said about Martinez and her class?

The Dolphins have taken notice of Martinez and her class. Dolphins cheerleaders visited the class and gave out swag to the students, according to Local10.com, and linebacker Bradley Chubb sent Martinez a video message, which she shared on X.

“Thank you all for the support. I’m so glad we got so many more new Dolphins fans. I hope we continue to win so you guys can continue to add recess time to your daily schedule,” Chubb said in the video.