The still relatively new world of collegiate athletes being able to get paid for their name, image and likeness has opened up an opportunity for fans to join some BYU football players on a cruise to Mexico later this spring.

On Thursday, BYU NIL collective CougConnect announced that fans can pay to go on a cruise to Ensenada, Mexico, from April 28-May 1, where fullback Masen Wake, linebacker Max Tooley, running back Miles Davis and wide receiver Keanu Hill will be there to interact through multiple planned activities.

Through CougConnect, folks can purchase discounted cruise rooms, and for an additional $350 (covers a group of three people), a “player package” can be purchased, which will grant access to dinners, a game of mini golf, interviews by the “BYU Hype Train” podcast and other activities with the four players.

Additional people can be added to the package for $65.

Thursday’s announcement caught the attention of On3, a collegiate athletics news site that focuses on recruiting and NIL. According to a story by Jeremy Crabtree, the cruise is believed to be the first of its kind involving NIL.

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It is being sponsored by Banter, Pacific Horizon Credit Union and the “Hype Train” podcast.

“We knew it would be a NIL first and likely get attention,” Crabtree quotes CougConnect director Jake Brandon as saying. “That’s how we got those sponsors on board. The four players are very excited about the trip.”

Additional information can be found here.