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‘America’s Got Talent’ just crowned its first ‘All-Star.’ Here’s who won

Eleven acts made it to the finale — but only one act could walk away with the title.

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From left to right: Detroit Youth Choir, Ana-Maria Margean, Mike E. Winfield, Terry Crews, Light Balance Kids, Kodi Lee, Avery Dixon, Power Duo, Tom Ball, Bello SIsters, Aidan McCann and Aidan Bryant on “AGT: All-Stars.”

Trae Patton, NBC

America’s Got Talent” brought back 60 former champions, finalists and fan favorites to compete for the ultimate title of “All-Star.” Over the course of eight weeks, popular “AGT” acts — including comedians, ventriloquists, singers, magicians and acrobats — returned to the show and took their performances to the next level for a shot at being crowned the show’s inaugural “all-star.”

Eleven acts made it to the finale — but only one act could walk away with the title. On Monday night, “AGT: All-Stars” revealed its champion: 18-year-old aerialist Aidan Bryant.

Who won ‘AGT: All-Stars’?

Bryant, a self-taught aerialist, won the first season of “AGT: All-Stars.”

“This experience is crazy, I’m so thankful,” he said after being declared the winner, per NBC.com. “This is crazy, y’all. Thank you so much, this means so much to me.” 

Saxophonist Avery Dixon was the runner-up. The Ukrainian dance group Light Balance Kids placed third; ventriloquist Ana-Maria Margean placed fourth; and magician Aidan McCann placed fifth, per NBC.com.

Who is Aidan Bryant on ‘AGT: All-Stars’?

Aidan Bryant was the runner-up to “AGT” winner Dustin Tavella on Season 16, and continually impressed the judges with his skills — made all the more impressive by the fact that he had only begun to hone in on his skills amid the COVID-19 lockdown.

“I have been practicing really hard,” he told Digital Journal during his initial run on the show. “I developed a lot of skills over the past year. I’ve used different apparatuses, I bought new ones, and came up with more moves on them and everything.”

Following Bryant’s routine for “All-Stars,” Cowell called the teenager one of the best contestants the show has ever seen. The “AGT” judge recalled how “gutted” Bryant looked when the show revealed he had placed second on Season 16. This time around, Bryant was determined to win.

“I remember going up to you afterwards saying, ‘I promise you this is not the end,’” Cowell said. “I think you’re one of the most talented contestants we’ve ever had.”

Below are Bryant’s performances during “AGT: All-Stars”:

Audition round


Finale special performance