Miley Cyrus has been dropping some bops lately. One of her latest songs comes from her new album “Endless Summer Vacations” and was inspired by the love she has for her little sister and fellow musical artist, Noah Cyrus.

The song “Thousand Miles” features Brandi Carlile, and Cyrus says it was “inspired by the love she has for her little sister Noah Cyrus,” according to Elle magazine.

“I wrote it in 2016 or 2017 and it was after one of my really close friends lost her sister to suicide,” she said. “I just couldn’t imagine not having my little sister in my life. I wrote this song for her. It was originally called ‘Happy Girl’ and it was, ‘I just wanna see you happy and all I really want is for you to be happy, girl.’”

Miley Cyrus’ song ‘Flowers’ continues to top charts

Her song “Flowers” is back to being the No. 1 song in the world on the Billboard Global 200 for the seventh week, Yahoo Entertainment reported. The song is extremely popular on TikTok, with users adding the song as background music to stories or points they are trying to make in the video.

Cyrus released her album “Endless Summer Vacation” on Friday, and she also debuted a concert documentary on Disney+.

“If you’re close to me and you listen to this album, it sounds like a conversation with me,” Cyrus says in the documentary. “There’s subtle shade. There’s, you know, honesty and truth, and there’s some wisdom and some humor. There’s some heaviness and depth. It represents who I am and I feel that the greatest records that I’ve been able to make or the greatest songs that I’ve been able to write they do exactly that.”

This is her eighth studio album after rising to fame playing Miley and Hannah Montana on Disney Channel’s “Hannah Montana” TV series, featuring a regular girl trying to keep her life as a pop star separate from her regular life.