“New Girl,” the beloved sitcom following a quirky gang of friends in Los Angeles, is officially leaving Netflix next month, according to What’s on Netflix.

Starring Zooey Deschanel as the quirky and upbeat Jess, “New Girl” chronicles the lives of four roommates, and their friends, as they hilariously navigate adulthood. The show was a hit, resulting in a whopping 146 episodes and seven seasons. It officially ended in 2018.

It even received a few Emmy nominations, including Deschanel for outstanding lead actress in a comedy series and Max Greenfield for outstanding supporting actor in 2012.

The show’s exit from Netflix comes as a shock to fans, and the absence of “New Girl” will certainly be felt on the streaming platform — according to Nielsen, the show ranked at No. 13 for the top acquired streaming programs in 2022.

When does ‘New Girl’ leave Netflix?

“New Girl” officially leaves Netflix on April 10, per What’s on Netflix.

Where can you stream ‘New Girl’?

“New Girl” might be leaving Netflix, but don’t worry — you can still stream it. It’ll be available on Hulu and Peacock. All seasons will be available to stream on April 17, per Deadline.

What to watch on Netflix instead of ‘New Girl’

Let’s say that you don’t have a Hulu or Peacock account. What’ll fill that “New Girl”-sized hole in your heart? Not to worry. While nothing can replace “New Girl,” Netflix has plenty of similar sitcoms to offer. Here are some shows to watch on Netflix instead of “New Girl.”

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1. ‘The Mindy Project’

Much like “New Girl,” “The Mindy Project” follows a quirky and opinionated female lead. “The Mindy Project” follows Mindy Lahiri, played by Mindy Kaling, a successful doctor in her 30s. Like in “New Girl”, we watch as Mindy attempts to navigate her love life, and adulthood, successfully. But, also like Jess, Mindy’s life doesn’t go as planned.

“The Mindy Project” also has a supporting cast of funny characters, unexpected love interests and even a friends-to-dating story arc.

What is “The Mindy Project” rated and why? According to Common Sense Media, “The Mindy Project” is appropriate for ages 15 and up. The show contains sexual innuendos, light language and a few drug references.

2. ‘The Good Place’

If you’re on the hunt for another comedy featuring a hilarious, strong female lead, look no further than “The Good Place.” The show follows Eleanor, played by Kristen Bell, a woman with a quick wit and questionable morals.

But there are some notable differences between “The Good Place” and “New Girl” — in the first episode, Eleanor dies and is sent to the Good Place by mistake. Inevitable hilarity ensues, plus a sprinkle of surprisingly profound and accurate themes of morality. The cast is stacked with wacky characters and, like in “New Girl,” the show has a quite a few funny running gags.

What is “The Good Place” rated and why? According to Common Sense Media, “The Good Place is fine for kids aged 12 and up. There is some very mild language, discussions of morality and vague vulgar jokes.

3. ‘Community’

This sitcom has a cult following for a reason. Like “New Girl,” “Community” follows a ragtag and hilarious group of friends. The show chronicles the shenanigans of a study group at the fictional Greendale Community College as they navigate their collegiate experience.

Like in “New Girl,” each character in “Community” goes through adulthood with varying degrees of success. The show has a ton of great gags and iconic episodes — the paintball episode in Season 2 is one of the most well-known — that’ll keep you laughing.

What is “Community” rated and why? According to Common Sense Media, “Community” is appropriate for those aged 15 and up. The show contains multiple sexual innuendos, mild language, drinking and “exaggerated violence.”

4. ‘The IT Crowd’

Just like Jess in “New Girl,” Jen in “The IT Crowd” finds herself befriending and looking after a group of slightly clueless and very wacky guys. But in “The IT Crowd,” Jen is the manager of a company’s two-man IT department.

Full of classic British humor, “The IT Crowd” tackles corporate life, the woes of an IT department and the weirdness of big business — all through the lens of ladder-climbing Jen and the nerdy Moss and Roy.

What is “The IT Crowd” rated and why? “The IT Crowd” is appropriate for those aged 14 and above, per Common Sense Media. The show has mild language and sexual references.

5. ‘Great News’

If you’re looking for a show with a protagonist that’s just as an upbeat go-getter as Jess, look no further than “Great News.” The show follows Katie, a passionate news producer at the fictional news network MMN. The job is already stressful, and full of demanding and unconventional coworkers. But the stress of Katie’s job hits another level when her mom, Carol, is hired as an intern.

“Great News” was written and created by “30 Rock” writer Tracey Wigfield, so you can expect a ton of quirky characters and humor.

What is “Great News” rated and why? Per Common Sense Media, “Great News” is appropriate for kids aged 13 and up. The show contains language and vague sexual innuendos.