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Are you on capybara TikTok?

You may be wondering — how did capybaras start trending on TikTok?

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Capybaras drinking water on the shore.

Capybaras drinking water on the shore. The lovable rodents are trending on TikTok.

Dana Ward, Unsplash

If capybaras have flooded your TikTok’s for you page, you might be on capybara TikTok.

Welcome to the world of videos of capybaras riding on the backs of crocodiles, capybaras peacefully roaming around in the water and endless repeats of the song that goes something like “capyyyybaraaaaa, capybara, capybara, capybara!”

But you may be wondering — how did capybaras start trending on TikTok?

The key to these giant, lovable rodents trending on TikTok might be the song itself. Polygon said that the song went viral, which caused capybaras to go viral as well. Apparently, the song is by a Russian artist and when it hit TikTok it went viral. Сто-Личный Она-Нас seems to be the artist behind the song, per an Apple Music upload of it.

Now there are 5.3 billion views on videos with the hashtag #capybara on TikTok.

What is a capybara?

Capybaras are the largest rodents in the world. According to National Geographic, they are twice the size of beavers. They can weigh anywhere from 77 pounds to 143 pounds and love to swim in water. Their small eyes and ears are positioned high on their heads, which helps when capybaras are submerged in water. They have webbed feet to help them as they swim in the water.

Capybara scientific name

The capybara’s scientific name is Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris. The hydro part of the capybara’s full name is a reference to capybara’s aquatic pursuits.

How big is a capybara?

While capybaras can weigh anywhere from 77 pounds to 143 pounds, some capybaras can weigh even more — 174 pounds. They can grow up to 4.3 feet long, per Britannica.

Capybara lifespan

Up to 10 years in the wild. According to Genomics, capybaras typically live up to 10 years in the wild and live up to 15 years in captivity.

Where do capybaras live?

Capybaras live around the Amazon River basin and throughout Venezuela and Argentina, per Britannica. They live in different areas of Central and South America, especially near bodies of water. Capybaras don’t typically live in the U.S., except a small population that lives in central Florida.

How fast can a capybara run?

Around 22 mph. According to AZ Animals, these large rodents can run around 22 mph, which is similar to the speed of a dog.

What does a capybara eat?

Capybaras mostly eat plants, fruits, leaves and berries. Capybara Facts said that capybaras eat a lot of grass and can even consume 3 kilograms of grass each day.

Are capybaras friendly?

Reportedly, capybaras are friendly animals. AZ Animals said that capybaras are “docile” and tend to be friendly, social animals. They live in packs together and aren’t considered particularly dangerous to humans.

Are capybaras endangered?

No. Capybaras are classified as least concern, which means that conservationists aren’t worried about them compared to other animals.

Do people eat capybaras?

Yes. According to The New York Times, capybara meat is considered a delicacy in Venezuela. Capybara meat such as the kidneys of the animals are commonly eaten. People said that capybara meat is considered fish in Venezuela in the purview of the Vatican. It’s frequently eaten during Lent and is said to taste like pork.