For the second day in a row, the Final Jeopardy question proved to be a challenge for the contestants on “Jeopardy!”

What was the Final Jeopardy clue for March 30?

At the end of Wednesday’s game, the Final Jeopardy question — which asked for the American author who called New York City “Gotham” in an 1807 periodical — stumped all three contestants, the Deseret News reported. During Thursday’s game, the Final Jeopardy question once again stumped the players. This time, though, only two of the three contestants were competing in the final round; Lisa Sriken, a lawyer from New York, did not have an eligible score to compete in Final Jeopardy, according to

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According to “Jeopardy!” archives, the Final Jeopardy category was “Brand names.”

The clue: “The success of this brand has its roots with a hydrotherapy pump its cofounder created for his son, who had arthritis.”

Contestant Sharon Stone incorrectly guessed Aleve, while Jacob Lang came up with the incorrect response of WaterPik, per

The answer host Ken Jennings was looking for: Jacuzzi.

Unlike Wednesday’s game, the outcome of Final Jeopardy didn’t make or break the game — going into the round with $18,000, Stone secured her victory (Lang, in second place, had $7,600; Sriken, who won the previous two games, finished the game in the hole with -$1,000, according to “Jeopardy!” archives).