You’ve heard of teams and athletes going to Disney World after winning a championship, but what about a league commissioner going to work for Disney after leaving the NBA?

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver could reportedly have a chance to do that in the future if he reciprocates Disney’s interest in bringing him on full time.

Charles Gasparino of Fox Business Network tweeted Friday that Silver is on Disney’s “unofficial shortlist” of candidates for the soon-to-be-open top job.

Front Office Sports followed up on the tweet and confirmed that Silver has caught Disney’s eye. Although the hiring timeline is unknown, current Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger is clearly engaged with the search for his successor, the article said.

“Iger — who returned to Disney in November after initially retiring in 2021 — was never intending to stay as the company’s chief executive for long,” Front Office Sports reported.

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Silver, as the article noted, is under contract with the NBA through 2024. He’s been working for the league in some capacity since 1992, longer than many of its top players have been alive.

“Since joining the league in 1992, Silver has ... held the positions of Senior VP & COO, NBA Entertainment; NBA Chief of Staff; and Special Assistant to the Commissioner,” as well as President and COO, NBA Entertainment, and NBA Deputy Commissioner, according to his bio on the NBA careers website.

Before joining the NBA, Silver clerked for a federal district judge and worked as a litigation associate for a New York City law firm. He had intended to work as a lawyer throughout his career, until an encounter with — and eventual job offer from — David Stern changed the course of his life.

“It never in my wildest imagination occurred to me that I’d be working in sports or at the NBA,” Silver recently told students at the University of Chicago, where he attended law school.

Disney would be another unexpected professional development for Silver, and it’s not yet clear whether he’s interested in pursuing the opportunity to serve as Walt Disney Company’s CEO.

Other candidates for the position include Disney co-chairman Dana Walden and Candle Media co-founder Kevin Mayer, Gasparino reported.

Iger has held the role since November 2022 after rejoining the company after the abrupt departure of Bob Chapek. Iger had previously served as Disney CEO from 2005 to 2020, according to the Walt Disney Company website.

“Disney struggled with (Chapek) at the helm, missing revenue expectations in Q4 2022 while increasing its operating loss for streaming to $1.5 billion. Disney’s stock price jumped 6.3% following the announcement of Iger’s return,” Front Office Sports reported.