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MrBeast faces backlash after asking fans to help him organize his grocery store displays

Fans accuses MrBeast of asking for free labor from his loyal fans

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MrBeast accepts the award for favorite male creator at the Kids Choice Awards.

MrBeast is facing controversy once again.

Chris Pizzello, Invision via Associated Press

MrBeast, the popular stunt YouTuber, stirred up some backlash and hilarious memes last week after asking his followers for a favor.

“I need your help! Next time you see Feastables in Walmart (and soon to be new retailers) if you could clean up the presentation and make it look better that’d make me very happy,” MrBeast tweeted on Friday. “I’m building a team to do this routinely, just need help in the short term.”

Feastables, a snack brand started by MrBeast, makes chocolate bars, cookies and other sweet snacks, according to the brand’s site. The products are now available at Walmart.

MrBeast, who became YouTube’s most followed individual in November, even launched a contest to get help from his fans with Feastable displays. Fans who tidy up the displays can take “shelfies” of themselves before and after cleaning the display to enter the contest — winners receive $5,000. There will be a drawing each month, per the Feastable’s site.

Fans had mixed responses to MrBeast’s request. Some criticized the YouTuber for asking fans to help him out as a way to get “free labor.”

MrBeast faced criticism for his request

Some fans panned MrBeast for using his fame to get free labor from fans.

Fans used memes to make fun of MrBeast

Some made fun of MrBeast for asking his fans to help him out.

Some fans happily obliged

Loyal MrBeast fans were happy to be enlisted as his helpers — the potential for a $5,000 reward might have motivated some of them.