Jeremy Renner’s recovery from a life-threatening snowplow accident in January is ongoing — including hours of physical therapy. But that isn’t stopping the actor from creating fun memories with his family.

‘I could see my eye with my other eye’: Jeremy Renner reveals new details of severe snowplow accident

Jeremy Renner visits Six Flags with family

Renner recently shared on Instagram that he took a trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California, with some of his family.

“Good Friday, made magic on the mountain with some of my amazing family!” Renner wrote in the post shared on April 7, a little over three months since getting run over by a 7-ton snowplow near his home in Reno, Nevada. In the photo with his family, Renner can be seen leaning against a pole and holding onto a cane. A motorized scooter sits to the side.

In an Instagram story, Renner also showed himself sitting on the scooter, and captioned the photo, “Leading the way best I can,” Variety reported.

The “Hawkeye” actor’s family has played a major role in his recovery from an accident that landed him a two-week stay in the hospital with more than 30 broken bones. A few days after the accident, Renner shared a video from his hospital bed that showed his mother and sister giving him a scalp massage, the Deseret News previously reported.

So apparently Jeremy Renner can sing — and it’s really not bad

Renner’s friend, Rory Millikin — who is the executive producer of his new Disney+ show“Rennervations” — told People that Renner’s home has been “overflowing” with family.

“His mom’s here constantly,” Millikin said. “I mean, his mom moved in to take care, just like moms do. Mothers play such an incredible role of support. You should see this house — it’s just overflowing with nieces, nephews and cousins and siblings all the time. It’s like a wonderful big family compound and everyone has played a huge role.”

In a recent televised interview with Diane Sawyer, Renner shared how his family has been by his side through it all. He recalled how his mom read Stephen King to him in the hospital — something that still makes him laugh.

“It happened to be what I was reading at the time,” his mother said matter-of-factly during the interview, per Deseret News. “I just wanted him to hear my voice.”

As Renner continues his recovery, he said he is focusing on transforming his suffering into strength — he doesn’t want the memory to become a trauma that haunts him.

“Do you look in the mirror and do you see the same face?” Sawyer asked Renner at one point.

“No,” Renner responded. “I see a lucky man.”

Jeremy Renner’s ‘Rennervations’ premieres soon on Disney+

Renner plans to attend the premiere of “Rennervations” in person on April 11, the Deseret News previously reported.

Jeremy Renner is attending the premiere of his new Disney+ show — his first public appearance since severe snowplow accident
Jeremy Renner’s new Disney+ show is ‘a driving force’ in his recovery, actor says

The show, a four-part docuseries, features Renner and expert builders traveling around the world to repurpose decommissioned government vehicles for communities in need — a longtime passion of Renner’s.

“This is one of my biggest passions and it’s a driving force in my recovery,” Renner previously said in a statement, according to CNN. “I can’t wait for the world to see it.”

All four episodes will hit Disney+ on April 12.