Theres nothing better than watching a wholesome romantic comedy with your mom (or dad). Everyone has a favorite comfort rom-com — many of mine were introduced to me by my own mom while I was a teenager.

With the peak of summer heat upon us, find sanctuary in an air-conditioned room and meet-cutes the whole family will enjoy.

If you are looking for rom-coms to watch with your teenage children — that aren’t too spicy — here are 20 of my personal favorites.

Here are the best rom-coms that aren’t about high schoolers

1. ‘The Princess Diaries’ (2001)

Awkward San Fransisco teenager Mia Thermopolis (Anne Hathaway) is shocked when she learns that she is a real-life princess. As heir to the Genovian throne, Mia must learn how to properly carry herself by taking “princess lessons” from her strict grandmother (Julie Andrews) while balancing the typical challenges of being a high school student.

Where to watch: Disney+.

Rating: G.

2. ‘Ever After’ (1998)

In this “Cinderella” adaptation, Danielle (Drew Barrymore) is a lively young woman forced into servitude after the death of her father. Danielle’s cruel stepmother (Anjelica Huston) makes her carry out all the housework while she desperately tries to marry off her two nasty daughters. Things for Danielle improve when she meets the handsome Prince Henry (Dougray Scott).

Where to watch: Disney+.

Rating: PG for mild language.

3. ‘She’s The Man’ (2006)

Viola Johnson (Amanda Bynes) suffers when her high school cut the girls soccer team. To keep playing “the beautiful game,” Viola hatches a plan to pose as her older brother, Sebastian, and take his place at a new boarding school. She makes the boarding school’s soccer team with a plan to prove girls can play soccer as well as boys can. The challenge escalates when Viola begins to fall for her roommate Duke (Channing Tatum) who does not know her real identity.

Where to watch: Hulu.

Rating: PG-13 for some sexual material.

4. ‘10 Things I Hate About You’ (1999)

Bianca Stratford (Larisa Oleynik) is desperate to get into the dating scene at her high school, but her strict father will only let her date if her sister, Kat (Julia Stiles), does. Unfortunately for Bianca, Kat is has no intentions of dating. In order to get her way, Bianca schemes to get her sister interested in a handsome new student, Patrick Verona (Heath Ledger).

Where to watch: Disney+, Hulu.

Rating: PG-13 for some sexual material and teenagers using alcohol.

5. ‘A Cinderella Story’ (2004)

After losing her father in an earthquake, Sam (Hilary Duff) is sentenced to working at her unpleasant stepmother’s diner to earn enough money to attend Princeton. One of the upsides in Sam’s life is her anonymous email relationship with Nomad (Chad Michael Murray). But when Sam agrees to meet Nomad at the high school dance, she discovers he is the coolest guy at her school. Too intimated to face him, Sam keeps her identity a secret.

Where to watch: Rent on Amazon Prime, Apple TV.

Rating: PG for mild language.

6. ‘Clueless’ (1995)

Cher (Alicia Silverstone) is at the top of her Beverly Hills high school’s social pyramid. To use her popularity for good, Cher befriends a hopelessly awkward new student, Tai (Brittany Murphy), and gives her a makeover. When Tai becomes more popular than she is, Cher realizes her ex-stepbrother (Paul Rudd) might have been right about how clueless she is — and begins to fall for him.

Where to watch: Paramount+, Amazon Prime.

Rating: PG-13 for some sexual material and some teen use of alcohol and drugs.

7. ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ (2002)

Toula (Nia Vardolos) is still unmarried at 30 and her family, who owns a Greek restaurant, begins to worry about her. After taking a new job at a travel agency, Toula falls for Ian (John Corbett), a handsome teacher. Toula’s family must learn to accept Ian, a foreigner, into their big Greek family.

Where to watch: Max, Hulu.

Rating: PG for sensuality and language.

8. ‘Ella Enchanted’ (2004)

As a baby, Ella (Anne Hathaway) is given a “gift” from her misguided fairy godmother, Lucinda (Vivica A. Fox) — she is bestowed with the gift of obedience, requiring Ella to obey every command she is given. After the death of her mother, Ella is forced to live with her wicked stepmother and horrible stepsisters. Ella eventually embarks on a journey to track down Lucinda and break the curse, and is accompanied by the charming prince Charmont (Hugh Dancy).

Where to watch: Hulu.

Rating: PG for some crude humor and language.

9. ‘The Map of Tiny Perfect Things’ (2021)

Mark (Kyle Allen) is a teenager stuck in a time loop. After reliving the same day dozens of times, he meets Margaret (Kathryn Newton), a cute girl stuck in the same time time loop. Both teenagers sort out personal challenges while growing closer as they discover how to break the time loop.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime.

Rating: PG-13 for brief strong language, some teen drinking and sexual references.

10. ‘The Princess Bride’ (1987)

In this fairy-tale adventure, Buttercup (Robin Wright) is a beautiful young women living on a farm in the fictional kingdom of Florin. After Buttercup finds her one true love, she is forced into a marriage engagement to the heir of Florin. Her one true love, Wesley (Cary Elwes), must overcome mythical battles to reunite with and save Buttercup.

Where to watch: Disney+.

Rating: PG for mild violence.

11. ‘Aquamarine’ (2006)

Best friends JoJo (Hailey Rodgers) and Claire (Emma Roberts) discover a mermaid at the bottom of their beach club’s pool. The sassy sea creature, Aquamarine (Sara Paxton), wants to prove to her father that love exists — with help from her new friends, she might find true love.

Where to watch: Disney+.

Rating: PG for mild language.

12. ‘17 Again’ (2009)

Mike O’Donell (Matthew Perry) believes he peaked in high school — he was a talented basketball player as a teenager, but gave up playing to help his girlfriend (Leslie Mann) raise their child. Twenty years later, Mike’s career is floundering, he is going through a divorce and his kids think he is a loser. When Mike miraculously transforms into a 17-year-old (Zac Efron), he gets the opportunity to make things right.

Where to watch: Max, Amazon Prime.

Rating: PG-13 for language, some sexual material and teen partying.

13. ‘Footloose’ (1984)

When high school student Ren McCormack (Kevin Bacon) moves from Chicago to a small Midwestern town, he is shocked to discover that dancing and rock music are illegal. Determined the change things, Ren seeks help from his new friends, Willard Hewitt (Christopher Penn) and rebellious teen Ariel Moore (Lori Singer). But making changes will require Ren to convince Ariel’s uptight father, the Rev. Shaw Moore (John Lithgow).

Where to watch (1984): Max, Hulu, Amazon Prime.

Rating (1984): PG for mild sexual content.

14. ‘Legally Blonde’ (2001)

Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) has everything going for her — she is smart, popular and beautiful. She believes her life will be complete when she finally married Warner Huntington III (Matthew Davis). But something keeps Warner from proposing to Elle: she is too blonde. Determined to prove she is worth it and win back Warner, Elle applies to Harvard Law School.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime.

Rating: PG-13 for some language and sexual content.

15. ‘You’ve Got Mail’ (1998)

Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) is the owner of a small and struggling bookshop in New York. Kathleen hates Joe Fox (Tom Hanks), the owner of a chain bookstore that threatens to shut her shop down. When they meet online anonymously, they develop a romantic virtual relationship despite remaining business rivals.

Where to watch: Rent from Amazon Prime, YouTube TV, Apple TV.

Rating: PG for some language.

16. ‘Return to Me’ (2000)

Bob Rueland (David Duchovny) is heartbroken after his wife’s sudden death in a car accident. His friend Charlie (David Alan Grier) encourages Bob to start dating again and sets him up on a blind date. Although the date is a bust, Bob is captivated by the waitress, Grace (Minnie Driver), a recovering heart transplant patient. When Bob discovers Grace’s new heart came from his organ donor wife, a romance begins to bloom.

Where to watch: YouTube TV.

Rating: PG for some language and thematic elements.

17. ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’ (2018)

Laura Jean (Lana Condor) is a reserved high school student who mostly keeps to herself. Things change for her when five soul-baring love letters to her crushes get mysteriously sent out. Her life is thrown in chaos as she attempts to forgo sudden opportunities for romance.

Where to watch: Netflix.

Rating: TV-14 for sexual content and language.

18. ‘She’s All That’ (1999)

Big man on campus Zach Siler (Freddie Prinze Jr.) seems to have everything — the looks, the girlfriend, the car, the friends — but his popularity takes a sudden nosedive when his cheerleader girlfriend, Taylor (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe), dumps him for a tacky reality TV star. To save his fragile reputation, Zach agrees to gain the trust of a nerdy classmate, Laney Boggs (Rachael Leigh Cook), and make her the next prom queen.

Where to watch: Hulu, Showtime.

Rating: PG-13 for sexual content and language.

19. ‘Step Up’ (2006)

Tyler Gage (Channing Tatum) is sentenced to 200 hours of community service. While mopping floors at a school for arts, Tyler’s hip-hop talent is discovered by a ballet student (Jenna Dewan) who ropes him into her performance.

Where to watch: Rent from YouTube TV.

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Rating: PG-13 for sexual content and brief violence.

20. ‘The Prince and Me’ (2004)

Studious college student Paige (Julia Stiles) is prepared to let nothing get in the way of her and medical school. She is thrown for a loop when Eddie (Luke Mably), a handsome Danish student, is assigned as her lab partner. Despite her initial disdain for Eddie, Paige begins to fall for him. Little does she know, Eddie is the heir to Denmark’s throne.

Where to watch: Rent from Amazon Prime, YouTube TV, Apple TV.

Rating: PG-13 for sexual content and language.

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