Swig, the soda shop known for mixing half-and-half into their fizzy drinks, is celebrating their 50th store location opening, which means you can get a good deal on Friday.

In conjunction with the 50th store opening, the soda shop is offering drinks and cookies for 50 cents each on Friday at every store, according to Restaurant News. The store has 50 stores stretched across five states, which will all be participating in the deal.

Perspective: Utah’s ‘dirty soda’ war may give way to a revolution

What is a dirty soda?

Traditionally, a dirty soda is a soda with coconut syrup, fresh lime and a splash of half-and-half, according to the Deseret News. Diet Coke is a popular option for the soda base, but you can do any soda under the sun like Sprite or Dr. Pepper.

But dirty sodas can be any soda that has Italian syrups or half-and-half or cream in it. Colloquially, the term extra dirty refers to soda with half-and-half or cream in it, but the term has fallen out of favor and dirty soda is the more common way of referring to it.

Who invented a dirty soda?

Swig said they’re the home of the original dirty soda, according to Restaurant News. Swig was founded in 2010 and has been a mover and shaker in the dirty soda movement in Utah.

Other soda shops have joined the ranks too — Sodalicious, FiiZ, Thirst, Twisted Sugar and Quench It. Sodalicious was founded in 2013, FiiZ in 2014, Thirst in 2016, Twisted Sugar in 2016 and Quench It in 2014.

How do you order dirty soda?

First, you pitch your favorite soda — Diet Coke or seltzer or Sprite, whatever you like. Then, think about the flavors you’d like in your drink. Typically, shops have flavors like coconut or peach or vanilla or blue raspberry. Add whatever flavors you would like to your drink.

If you want your soda to be on the creamier side, you’ll want to say you want half-and-half or the cream they have on hand. To order a dirty soda that has Diet Coke, peach and vanilla cream in it, you’ll say, “Can I please have a Diet Coke with peach syrup and vanilla cream?”

If you’re wanting to go for the classic dirty Diet Coke with coconut, lime, and half-and-half, typically you can get away with saying “dirty Diet Coke please.” If you’d like a soda with just half-and-half, you may be able to say “extra dirty Diet Coke please.”

What to order at Swig

If you’re looking to get a cookie and soda on Friday, here are five recommended pairings.

  1. Life’s a Peach (Dr. Pepper + Vanilla + Peach + Half & Half) with a Pink Sugar cookie.
  2. This Bliss (Diet Coke + Cranberry + Fresh Lime) with a Chocolate Chip cookie.
  3. The Perfect Pear (Sprite + Pear + Raspberry Puree + Fresh Orange) with a Birthday cookie.
  4. Riptide (Sprite + Cranberry + Raspberry Puree + Fresh Lime) with a Pink Sugar cookie.
  5. The Founder (Diet Coke + Sugar Free Coconut + Fresh Lime + Coconut Cream) with a Pink Sugar cookie.