As the summer heats up, your iPhone may do the same.

Here’s why your phone might start heating up and here’s what you can do to prevent it.

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Why is my iPhone heating up? Business Insider reported that there are three likely reasons for why your phone is getting excessively heated.

  1. You left your iPhone outside in direct sunlight or in your car.
  2. You have too many apps running on your phone.
  3. The interior of your phone is damaged.

Another common reason why your phone might heat up is that you may be overusing a phone’s battery, causing too much strain on the internal components of the device, according to Avast.

Apple reported that there are some normal circumstances for why your device might feel warmer, including:

  • Restoring your phone from a backup.
  • Streaming high-quality content from your phone, such as videos and pictures.
  • Wirelessly charging your phone.
  • Setting up your phone for the first time.
  • Using apps that include a lot of graphics, “games, or features, including augmented reality apps.”
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How do I cool down my iPhone? Apple Support explained that in order to cool down your iPhone from overheating, you should fully “turn it off, move it to a cooler environment away from direct sunlight and allow it to cool down.”

Here are some other tips to reportedly help cool down your phone when it overheats.

  • Close all apps on your phone.
  • Take the case off of your phone to take away any layers of insulation.
  • Take your phone off of Bluetooth or turn it to Airplane Mode.
  • Turn your phone all the way off until it returns to regular temperature.
  • Turn off your Location services and don’t use Maps or GPS systems on your phone.
  • Remove your phone from direct sunlight or areas where it is likely to stay heated
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Time reported that rapid temperature shifts are “bad for your phone,” and that while you might be tempted to put your phone in the fridge or freezer to cool it down, you should not do that.

Condensation that comes from putting your phone in those areas could reportedly lead to having water trapped inside the device, which can cause other problems.

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Is it normal for my iPhone to get really hot? While your iPhone is reportedly supposed to generate a little heat, it is not supposed to overheat at rapid speeds and drain your battery.

If you can tell that your iPhone is exceeding the normal amount of heat, that certain functions don’t perform as well and that these problems persist, it may be time to take it in to your smartphone’s shop and ask what can be done.

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