The creator of the popular Frazil slushy, Freezing Point, is set to rival 7-Eleven as it announced plans to offer “Free Frazil Fridays” as a way for fans to kick off their 2023 summer.

When can I get free Frazils? Free Frazil Fridays are set to run from Friday, June 2, through Friday, June 30, and will also sponsor the Utah Valley Marathon on June 3.

The company website details, “Just head on in and let them know that you’re there for your free Frazil! Limit 1 per person, while supplies last.”

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Why are we getting free Frazils? CMO of Freezing Point, Sam Owens, said in a press release given to the Deseret News, “It is our privilege to give our fans the opportunity to keep enjoying Frazils on us, as they start their weekends off this summer, and hopefully reach a new set of Frazil fans as we launch into the next phase in our Frazil story.”

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Where can I get free Frazils? Any Frazil fans can look up store options through the Frazil app or the company website to find locations participating nearby in Utah, Idaho and Nevada.

Stores participating within the states mentioned are:

  • Maverik.
  • Holiday Oil.
  • ExtraMile by Jacksons.
  • Terrible Herbst.
  • Anabi Oil (Rebel).
  • Fabulous Freddy’s.
  • Fast Stop.
  • Good 2 Go.
  • Oasis Stop ‘N Go.
  • Speedee Mart.
  • Top Stop.
  • Fast Gas.
  • Hunsaker Stores.
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Why are Free Frazil Fridays happening? “Frazil started in Utah, is headquartered in Utah, and has some die-hard fans across the Intermountain West who have been with us from the beginning,” Owens said.

The press release given to the Deseret News details, “Since its founding nearly 20 years ago beneath Utah’s snow-capped mountains, the frozen drink has been known for its unique fan-favorite flavor line-up, developed through trial-and-error experimentation and driven by immediate feedback from consumers.”