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Summer is upon us. Temperatures are soaring and soon enough, comfortably going on a run, jog or even a leisurely walk will require a pair of lightweight running shorts. The fan-favorite athleisure company Lululemon makes some of the most stylish and comfortable shorts, but they cost shoppers a pretty penny. If you are ready to stock up on summer shorts but not ready to spent a fortune, look no further, we’ve got you.

Here are some of the best Lululemon shorts dupes from Amazon for women and men.

12 of the best Lululemon dupes on Amazon

Dupes for women:

1. Speed Up running shorts dupe

It’s nearly impossible to tell these shorts from the Lululemon pair. Amazon offers the same colors, patterns and waistband.

Lulu cost: $68-$78.

Amazon dupe cost: $28.

Amazon rating: 4.4/5 stars.

2. Hotty hot high-rise lined short dupe

If you are looking for an inexpensive replica to Lululemon’s hotty hot shorts, look no further. This is it. “They are comfortable, are of great quality and a stylish look that I would say is just as good lookin’ as the fancy expensive LuLuLemon brand,” wrote one shopper.

Lulu cost: $68-$78.

Amazon dupe cost: $25.

Amazon rating: 4.2/5 stars.

3. Softstreme high-rise short dupe

This dupe is crazy similar to the real thing. It’s got the same fit, stitch lines and even the same shock cord at the waistband. Plus, the dupe comes in more color options.

Lulu cost: $78.

Amazon dupe cost: $25.

Amazon rating: 4.4/5 stars.

4. Align high-rise short 6-inch dupe

From a looks standpoint, this Amazon dupe is the exact same as the Lululemon pair. The materials are almost identical, so they have the same soft feel. These shorts are also available on Amazon in an 8-inch fit.

Lulu cost: $58- $74.

Amazon dupe cost: $24- $28.

Amazon rating: 4.4/5 stars.

5. Fast and free high-rise classic-fit shorts dupe

Everything you love about the Lululemon fast and free shorts is available in this Amazon dupe — the style, fun color options, comfortable fit and soft, lightweight fabric. Take these shorts around the block on your next run, jog or walk.

Lulu cost: $78.

Amazon dupe cost: $28.

Amazon rating: 5/5 stars.

Dupes for men:

1. T.H.E. linerless shorts dupe

These shorts have almost all the same features as Lululemon’s T.H.E. linerless shorts. They have the same fit, stitching lines and comparable color options.

Lululemon cost: $68.

Amazon dupe cost: $28.

Amazon rating: 4.6/5 stars.

2. T.H.E. linerless shorts dupe

For even less than the price of the previous dupe, here is another alternative to the Lululemon T.H.E. linerless shorts. This dupe isn’t as dead-on as the previous option in looks, but shoppers claim it’s just as comfortable.

Lululemon cost: $68.

Amazon dupe cost: $19.99.

Amazon rating: 4.3/5 stars.

3. License to Train lined shorts dupe

All the important details on Lululemon’s License to Train lined shorts are featured on this dupe — the lightweight feel, comfortable lining and interior mesh pocket — but the dupe is a fraction of the cost.

Lululemon cost: $88.

Amazon dupe cost: $32.

Amazon rating: 4.6/5 stars.

4. Commission shorts dupe

This Lululemon dupe is hard to tell apart from the real thing. It has a four-way stretch, multiple pockets, waterproof fabric and durability. It’s available in 7-inch and 9-inch inseams.

Lulu cost: $88.

Amazon dupe cost: $32.

Amazon rating: 4.5/5 stars.

5. Pace breaker short dupe

Just like the Pace breaker shorts from Lululemon, these shorts are lightweight, comfortable, have a 5-inch inseam and come in several color options.

“Love the feel and fit of these shorts! Great price as well. Gives lululemon a run for their money,” one shopper commented.

Lulu cost: $78.

Amazon dupe cost: $21.99.

Amazon rating: 4.6/5 stars.

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