Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” is about to take over. With a PG-13 rating, some parents might feel hesitant about taking their younger children to see the upcoming movie, despite it being marketed as a family-friendly movie.

“This is such a thing people say when they do press reveals like it’s for everyone,” said Margot Robbie, who stars in “Barbie,” per CBR. “But it was literally crafted to be for everyone. (Director Greta Gerwig) said from the beginning, ‘This is a big party and everyone is invited.’ So in that way, it really is for everyone, and the comedy plays on so many different — the whole movie plays on so many different levels.”

“Barbie” reportedly has brief language and suggestive material that some parents might not find suitable for young audiences. Let’s take a deeper look at what parents can expect from “Barbie” and why it is rated PG-13.

Why is ‘Barbie’ rated PG-13?

According to Common Sense Media, “Barbie” is rated PG-13 for some language, a cartoonish fight in which no one gets hurt and some sexually suggestive material. The site recommends the movie for kids 11 years old and older.

It also praises the film for featuring diverse representation, positive messages such as feminism and supporting one another, and Barbie as a positive role model.

“Barbie is curious, empathetic, brave, and kind, and she doesn’t give up on her goals. She realizes that she doesn’t have to be ‘perfect’ to have value,” writes Common Sense Media.

The Motion Picture Association gave “Barbie” a PG-13 rating for suggestive references and brief language, according to IMDb.

Will ‘Barbie’ be released in a PG version?

No. As of right now, only the PG-13 version of “Barbie” is set for theatrical release.

‘Barbie’ features some suggestive, adult language

There are mild sexual innuendos and vague sexually suggestive material throughout “Barbie,” reports IMDb. Some parents may not want their children to hear this type of inappropriate language, although it may go over younger audience’s heads.

An early trailer for the movie features a scene with Ryan Gosling’s and Simu Liu’s Ken characters, who are arguing: “I would beach you off,” says Gosling’s Ken, and Liu’s Ken responds, “I’ll beach off with you any day.”

In another scene, Weird Barbie, played by Kate McKinnon, says of a Ken character, “I’d like to see what smooth blob he’s packing in those shorts.”

Similar sexually suggestive puns are expected throughout the movie.

“Barbie” has mild adult language throughout. Some of the language featured in the movie includes “bimbo,” “crap,” “stupid,” “freaking,” “nutjob,” “shut up,” and a bleeped out F-word, according to Common Sense Media.

‘Barbie’ has some adult themes

“Barbie” is “an insightful exploration of humanity” that explores “the meaning of life” according to USA Today. Such topics could be hard for kids to wrap their young minds around, but as Barbie embarks on a mission to discover the meaning of life and wrestles with thoughts about dying, the movie remains “hilarious” and “charming” for all audiences.

“It’s heady and existential and sometimes uses big words,” a source told People, “but smart kids will be eager to lean forward and meet the movie on those terms.” 

Even Robbie, who plays the titular character, did not expect the depth “Barbie” would take on, and hopes the film will ignite thoughtful conversations.

“I didn’t know this character was going to get down into my bones in this way,” Robbie said, per USA Today. “I just didn’t ever expect to have so many big, profound conversations about the meaning of life or what true happiness is. I mean, we joke about an existential crisis, but it all did become very existential.”

Critics are praising ‘Barbie’ as a ‘family film’

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Early critic reviews of “Barbie” are praising it as a “family film.”

“Gerwig has made the kind of family film she surely wishes had been available to her when she was a girl, sneaking a message (several of them, really) inside Barbie’s hollow hourglass figure,” writes Variety. “That’s an admirable achievement.”

“Its a Barbie world for the whole family,” writes Collider. “Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling will take us on a family-friendly journey through a world painted pink.”

When does Greta Gerwig’s ‘Barbie’ come out?

“Barbie” lands in theaters on July 21.

Watch the trailer for ‘Barbie’ below

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