As officials continue to assess the damage from the deadliest wildfire in the U.S. in over a century, a new study found that Hawaii is the 38th state most impacted by natural disasters.

That’s according to a report from personal finance website WalletHub that ranked the states based on the number of climate disasters causing at least $1 billion in damage since 1980 and the loss amount per capita of those disasters. 

The damage from the Maui fire is extensive — a preliminary damage estimate is close to $6 million — affecting the state’s ranking. However, Hawaii’s ranking is still “relatively low due to the lack of natural disasters causing at least $1 billion in damage in previous years,” the report reads.

States most impacted by natural disasters

Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Florida and Iowa are the five states most impacted by natural disasters. Maine, Alaska, New Hampshire, Utah and Nevada, on the other hand, are the five least impacted.

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Below is a map of the states and a list of the 50 states ranked by most to least impacted by natural disasters, according to the new WalletHub study:

Source: WalletHub
  1. Mississippi.
  2. Louisiana.
  3. Texas.
  4. Florida.
  5. Iowa.
  6. Kansas.
  7. Nebraska.
  8. Oklahoma.
  9. Alabama.
  10. North Carolina.
  11. Missouri.
  12. South Dakota.
  13. Montana.
  14. North Dakota.
  15. Georgia.
  16. Tennessee.
  17. Arkansas.
  18. Illinois.
  19. South Carolina.
  20. Kentucky.
  21. Virginia.
  22. Colorado.
  23. Indiana.
  24. Pennsylvania.
  25. New York.
  26. New Jersey.
  27. Ohio.
  28. Minnesota.
  29. Maryland.
  30. Wyoming.
  31. Wisconsin.
  32. West Virginia.
  33. California.
  34. Connecticut.
  35. Michigan.
  36. Idaho.
  37. Oregon.
  38. Hawaii.
  39. New Mexico.
  40. Delaware.
  41. Massachusetts.
  42. Rhode Island.
  43. Vermont.
  44. Arizona.
  45. Washington.
  46. Nevada.
  47. Utah.
  48. New Hampshire.
  49. Alaska.
  50. Maine.