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Cable news roundup: The cost of Bidenomics and Wisconsin’s state supreme court justice’s impeachment threat

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Michelle Budge, Deseret News

On Friday night, Fox News discussed the effect of Bidenomics on the United States economy, and MSNBC discussed the GOP-led Wisconsin legislator’s consideration to impeach a Democratis state supreme court justice.

Fox News — The price of Bidenomics

“I have this crazy idea,” Fox News commentator Laura Ingraham said, “That Americans don't want to go into debt to buy stuff like gas, groceries or make car payments.”

On Friday night on “The Ingraham Angle,” Ingraham discussed the declining popularity of President Joe Biden.

“Democrat leadership misreads why the public and even their own constituents at this point are down on Biden,” Ingraham said.

According to a Newsweek article Ingraham mentioned by Lee Habeeb, the average car payment in America has risen to $730 a month, with loans extended to 68 months.

Ingraham said Biden’s poll numbers are looking bleak. “Fifty-eight percent in that new CNN poll are saying his policies are making the economy worse,” and that the White House’s only response is that Bidenomics works, Ingraham said.

“It’s stunning though how dismissive Democrats can be when they're pressed ever so lightly on the problems that their policies caused or made worse,” Ingraham said.

MSNBC — Wisconsin legislator’s ‘unconstitutional threat’

MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart spoke to Wisconsi Democratic Congresswoman Gwen Moore and Wisconsin Democratic Party Chairman Ben Winkler Friday night about the Wisconsin legislature's consideration to impeach a liberal state Supreme Court justice, Janet Protasiewicz.

“I think it’s nefarious, I think it’s cynical,” Moore said. “She’s done nothing except to have won this election, and you know there are no simple solutions. If they impeach her in the House, the state Senate simply doesn't have to take it up, and if they don't take it up, she automatically will not be able to sit and hear any cases.”

Capehart then asked Winkler how dangerous impeaching Protasiewicz would be.

“This impeachment threat by itself, to me, is a constitutional crisis, and an actual impeachment would be a massive rip in the fabric of our constitutional democracy.”

He added, “You’re not supposed to have a legislature just rip away, throw out elected supreme court justices in a state to stop them from making a ruling that you don’t like. So the idea that they would use this kind of loophole in the Constitution, the framers didn’t think people would use (these) impeachment powers in bad faith.”

Winkler said: “The only remedy now is a massive public outcry that shames Republican legislators and makes them think whether they would like to be reelected in the future to the point where they back off this unconstitutional threat.”