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Cable news roundup: ‘The left is erasing parents,’ and Republican control in Wisconsin

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Michelle Budge, Deseret News

On Monday night, Fox News discussed a proposed bill in California that could impact a parent's custody or visiting rights if they do not affirm their child's gender, and MSNBC discussed the ongoing impeachment threat by Republicans against a state Supreme Court justice.

Fox News — ‘The left is erasing parents’

On “Hannity” Monday night, Sean Hannity spoke to Outnumbered’s Kayleigh McEnany to discuss parental rights in California.

A recently proposed bill that would require “judges to consider whether a parent affirms their child’s gender identity when making custody and visitation decisions” was split between party lines in the Senate, per The Associated Press.

Hannity asked McEnany if this is something all parents should worry about regardless of their politics.

“It should,” she said. “Because the left is erasing parents. That is what this boils down to. ... A parent loves a child, but Gavin Newsom and the left think they can move the parent out of the way of the beliefs of the parent (if) the religious beliefs do not match the liberal ideology of California.”

Hannity then added that “parents are not potted plants, and they're allowed to have deeply held religious values and beliefs that ought not be contradicted by teachers in a classroom of a captive audience of students that are forced to listen to their values or get indoctrinated in their value system”

“To me, it’s simple,” Hannity said. “Stick to the basics and leave the values to the parents. It’s not more complicated than that.”

MSNBC — Republicans’ control of Wisconsin

On “The Rachel Maddow Show” Monday night, Maddow discussed the frustration that Wisconsin Democrats feel toward Republican control of the state.

“Liberal candidate Janet Protasiewicz told voters the Wisconsin maps are wrong. She called the maps ‘rigged,’” Maddow said. “‘They do not reflect people in this state.’ Voters heard that message, and they picked Janet Protasiewicz by a margin of 11 points (in the 2023 Wisconsin Supreme Court general election).”

Due to her win, “Wisconsin Republicans freaked out,” Maddow said.

“Before she hears a single case on the Supreme Court, Republicans are threatening to impeach her. ... Wisconsin Democrats are now launching a $4 million ad campaign to alert Wisconsin voters to what the Republicans are doing,” Maddow said.

“The thing that I think is shocking from the outside is the size of her victory in that state-wide election and then the immediate movement to remove her anyway even before she’s done anything as a judge.”