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Video: Help a homie out is TikTok’s latest wingman trend

The best wingman on TikTok

SHARE Video: Help a homie out is TikTok’s latest wingman trend
Happy young couple smiling in love

Happy young couple smiling in love.

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Mailson Junior has been dedicating his time to being a wingman for strangers since May. He’s racked up 2.9 million followers on TikTok by posting videos like the one below, helping random men in New York City make moves on girls they’re with.

It seems everyone loves this TikTok trend, with comments ranging from, “look how happy those women are 🫶🥺” to “bro has more assists than Ozil” to “de pedtite choses importantes qui se perdes avec l’habitude” (the little important things that get lost with habit).


You guys deserve more

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It’s no surprise for most people that dating right now is the hardest it’s ever been. According to a 2022 Pew Research Center survey, 63% of men under 30 are single. Further, compared with a similar survey done in 2019, the percentage of single Americans looking for a relationship has decreased.

Men and women also have different expectations for relationships, making dating even harder, per PRC. Compared to men at 25%, 41% of single women “are more likely than their male counterparts to say they are only looking for a committed romantic relationship.” If you take a look at this TikTok’s comment section, these stats are represented with an overwhelming positive female presence.

But don’t lose hope. Junior has taken it upon himself to help out men everywhere struggling to make a move. Another comment says, the “smallest things have the biggest outcomes,” so don’t be afraid to help a homie out or make a move. (Respectfully.)