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Taylor Swift partnered with Google, but Swifties crashed the site guessing ‘1989’ clues

Swift is known for providing clues and easter eggs to fans regarding her next move, but this time so many fans participated that it crashed Google

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Taylor Swift arrives at the MTV Video Music Awards on Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2023, at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J.

Evan Agostini, Invision, Associated Press

Ticketmaster, Spotify and now Google have fallen prey to the power of Swifties. All three have crashed after extreme interest by Swift’s fanbase overloaded the bandwidth of the platforms, causing a glitch.

What happened with Taylor Swift and Google?

This week, Swift partnered with Google to reveal the track titles from the vault for the long-awaited rerelease of her 2014 album, “1989.” Fans started by typing “Taylor Swift” into the search bar, where a blue vault popped up, covering the screen with letters to unscramble that were related to Swift, the album or songs from the album.

The treasure hunt garnered so much interest, that the system crashed, but Google was able to get things back up and running before too many Swifties freaked out, CBS News reported.

“Swifties, we made it out of the woods! Bridges, built. Codes, cracked. Vault, opened,” Google posted Wednesday.

A total of 33 million fans were required to solve all 89 puzzles in order to reveal the song titles.

“You’ll be helping Swifties around the world get out of the woods (or unlock the vault) as everyone collectively solves 33 million puzzles,” according to a Google blog post. “And that’s how it works, that’s how you get the vault track titles!”

Searches for “Taylor Swift” spiked Tuesday afternoon and remained high for the rest of the night before tapering off, NBC News reported.

Taylor Swift reveals backside of ‘1989’ album covers

Wednesday afternoon, Swift released images of the backs of all four editions of her “1989” album covers.

“It’s a new soundtrack. Here are the back covers and vault track titles for 1989 (my version) I can’t wait for this one to be out, seriously. Thank you for playing along, sleuthing, puzzling and making these reveals so much chaotic fun (which is the best kind of fun, after all),” Swift posted on X.

Why is Taylor Swift rereleasing original albums?

Swift is currently rerecording and rereleasing her first six albums in order to obtain full ownership over the music rights. She’s released three so far — “Fearless,” “Red” and “Speak Now,” with “1989” on the way.

When does Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ come out?

Taylor Swift’s fifth studio album, originally released in 2014, will be rereleased on Oct. 27, 2023. The album will include five “From the Vault” tracks that fans have never heard before.