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Kraft recalls over 80,000 cases of cheese for ‘choking hazard’

6 customers reported gagging or choking on plastic

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Packages of Kraft Singles are seen in this 2006 file photo. Kraft Heinz is recalling 80,000 cases of Kraft Singles.

Packages of Kraft Singles are seen in this July 24, 2006, file photo, in Chicago. Kraft Heinz is recalling 80,000 cases of American cheese Kraft Singles.

Charles Rex Arbogast, Associated Press

Kraft Heinz recalled over 80,000 cases of its American cheese Kraft Singles on Tuesday, due to a “temporary issue” that could make the cheese a choking or gagging hazard.

The products were “shipped to a limited number of customers,” the company said in its statement. A list of the retailers and states the cheese was sold in was not released.

The recall doesn’t affect any of Kraft’s other products.

What Kraft cheese was recalled?

The company is recalling roughly 83,800 of its individually-wrapped Kraft Singles American cheese. The recall affects its 16-ounce package and its 3-pound package of cheese.

It recalled the 16-ounce package with:

  • The UPC: 0 2100061526 1.
  • A “Best When Used By” date of Jan. 10, 2024, and Jan. 27, 2024.

It recalled the 3-pound package with:

  • The UPC: 0 2100060491 3.
  • The “Best When Used By” dates of Jan. 9, 2024, through Jan. 13, 2024, and Jan. 16, 2024.

Why is Kraft cheese a choking hazard?

A machine malfunction one of the wrapping machines made it possible that some cheese slices would have a “thin strip of film” remaining on the cheese after unwrapping it.

“If the film sticks to the slice and is not removed, it could be unpleasant and potentially cause a gagging or choking hazard,” Kraft said.

The company has resolved the issue. The malfunctioning machine was repaired, and other machines were inspected.

Was anyone injured?

Six consumers complained to Kraft Heinz about the cheese. They reported choking or gagging because of the plastic film. No injuries or deaths have been reported.

This isn’t the first time that Kraft has received complaints about the cheese.

Customer complaints about the “inability to easily open the clear wrapper” led to Kraft changing its packaging this year, CNN reported. The change included an easier to find slightly textured flap on the individual wrappers.

What do you do if you purchased the recalled cheese?

Customers are encouraged to not eat the cheese and to either discard it or return it to the place they purchased it for a refund, according to USA Today.