Happy Hens and Highlands exclusively posts content of fluffy Highland cows, and people can’t get enough. The Instagram account has more than 200,000 followers as of September 2023.

In the video below, five Highland calves play with each other, pushing each other over.

It’s not just Instagram users who love Highland cows and calves. Acreage Life published an article titled “7 Reasons We Love Highland Cattle,” congratulating the animals for coming off of Livestock Conservancy’s endangered livestock list.

The article noted that Highland bulls average 1,800 pounds and cows average 1,110 pounds. This might seem really heavy, but it’s an average cow weight.

Highland cattle are already the breed of cattle that’s been registered the longest, dating back to 1884, Livestock Conservancy reported, but there’s evidence that the breed actually dates back to the sixth century, over 1,500 years ago.

Known for their beautiful, long fur, the Highland cow has a double-layered wooly coat, which allows them to live in frigid conditions without having a large fat supply.

Their horns, which range in length from three to four feet, also help them live in colder climates, according to Livestock Conservancy. They come in handy when searching for grass when it’s buried under snow. Instead of lowering their body temperature by pushing the snow away with their noses, the cows can keep their body temperatures stabilized and eat by pushing the snow away with their horns.