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Cable news roundup: Biden’s influence while campaigning across the U.S.

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Michelle Budge, Deseret News.

Fox News discussed the rhetoric used by President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party against its opponents, and MSNBC spoke about Biden joining union workers on strike in Michigan.

Fox News — Biden’s take on his opposition

“The finger is always pointed back at Democrats when they accuse conservatives of being this or that. It’s what they actually are.” Laura Ingraham said Thursday night on “The Ingraham Angle.”

Ingraham said Biden and the Democratic Party are threatened by Donald Trump’s popularity and by “MAGA extremists.”

In regards to their political opponents, Democrats “don’t want to empower the people, but they do fear the people, and they’re going to smear the people and lie about us cause it means more power for themselves,” Ingraham said.

Regarding Biden’s most recent speech at a campaign reception in Arizona on Thursday, Ned Ryun, founder and CEO of American Majority, told Ingraham, “Nothing says bipartisanship when the President of the United States tries to demonize half the electorate.”

Adding that for any American, “It should be deeply troubling that the President of the United States is trying to demonize tens of millions of people, but not only demonize them but dehumanize them.”

“I think the left’s authoritarian tendencies, their language, their behavior, that’s an existential threat to Americans’ way of life and their freedom,” Ryun said.

MSNBC — Biden’s defense of union workers

“Joe Biden made presidential history yesterday by walking the picket line with striking workers, the first president in history to do so,” Lawrence O’Donnell said Wednesday night on “The Last Word” with Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pa.

Trump was in Michigan Wednesday night, speaking to a non-union auto factory.

“The UAW (United Auto Workers) president, Shawn Fain, refused to meet with Donald Trump and doesn't care, saying that Donald Trump doesn't care about the working class,” O’Donnell said.

O’Donnell emphasized that the disparity between what the union workers are making compared to what their CEOs make has historically never been greater.

“I think it was over four or five years when the big CEOs were getting an increase of something like 40%. The workers are getting barely 6%,” Casey said.

“I think people understand this. I think people get it,” Casey said. “But they also want to make sure they don't just move on from this strike. I think they want us to make sure that the playing field is more leveled.”