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‘Sound of Freedom’ director Alejandro Monteverde will release ‘Cabrini’ in 2024

Utah-based film studio Angel Studios will theatrically release feature film ‘Cabrini’ in 2024

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Alejandro Monteverde sspeaks at the Los Angeles premiere of “Little Boy” at Regal Cinemas LA Live in Los Angeles, Calif.

Writer/director/producer Alejandro Monteverde speaks at the Open Road Films Los Angeles premiere of “Little Boy” at Regal Cinemas LA Live Stadium 14 in 2015, in Los Angeles, Calif.

Dan Steinberg, Invision via Associated Press

Angel Studios is set to release another film from Alejandro Monteverde — director of the summer box office hit, “Sound of Freedom” — in spring 2024.

The upcoming film, “Cabrini,” follows the powerful story of Francesca Cabrini, an Italian immigrant who overcame sexism and Italian bigotry in 19th-century New York to become a remarkable entrepreneur.

“Francesca Cabrini is one of the most inspiring and influential figures in modern history, and yet few know her story. Faced with seemingly insurmountable life obstacles, Cabrini chose instead to focus on how she could change the status quo in her time, and her impact on the world is still felt today,” said Liz Ellis, chief operating officer at Angel Studios, per a press release shared with the Deseret News.

“We’re thrilled to be able to share her unbelievable story in theaters this spring. This will be our second collaboration with ‘Sound of Freedom’ director Alejandro Monteverde — and the Angel Guild gave this film even higher ratings than ‘Sound of Freedom.’ Our community has high expectations for this project.”

This will be Monteverde’s fourth theatrical-release feature film and his second with the Utah-based film studio, Angel Studios.

Angel Studios, which describes itself as a “home for stories that amplify light,” is known for distributing the popular series “The Chosen,” which tells stories about the ministry of Jesus Christ.

“Cabrini” will be the third feature film from Angel Studios to be theatrically released.

When does ‘Cabrini’ come out?

“Cabrini” comes to theaters nationwide on March 8, 2024.

Watch the trailer for ‘Cabrini’

The trailer for “Cabrini” begins with a quote from Francesca Cabrini: “We are bold or we die. That is how I learned to live in America.”

Watch the trailer for the upcoming Angel Studios film below.

Angel Studios’ ‘Sound of Freedom’ was an unexpected box office hit

Angel Studio’s “Sound of Freedom” — the anti-sex trafficking thriller based on the life experiences of Tim Ballard — made more than $181 million in domestic box-office revenue, making it by far the largest box-office hit by Angel Studios, per Box Office Mojo.

This was the second theatrical release of a feature film for Angel Studios. In March, Angel Studios released “His Only Son,” which made just over $12 million worldwide, per the Deseret News. “Sound of Freedom” generated more than $14 million at the box office on opening day and passed the $80 million mark in less than two weeks, per Box Office Mojo

Before its theatrical run, the film fought to get into theaters. “Sound of Freedom” was originally shot in 2018.

“The biggest roadblock was finding the distribution,” Monteverde, the film’s director, told the Deseret News. “We finished the film around three years ago and because of many things that happened, we found ourselves without distribution and for a film, for an independent film, that is the biggest challenge.

“But now looking back, it totally makes sense because we found the perfect partner (Angel Studios), a distributer that truly believes in the message of this film and it really keeps giving the attention and the nurture in the film, the way this movie needs. So it’s perfect timing.”

With a reported budget of $14.5 million, “Sound of Freedom” has proven to be a wild success for the modest film studio. After less than a month in theaters, the low-budget, independent film has already secured a spot among the top 10 films of the year. Sitting in 10th position, “Sound of Freedom” is ranked higher than “Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One” and “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” in 2023 domestic box-office earnings, per Box Office Mojo.