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Cable news roundup: Pence on conservatism vs. populism, and who’s to blame for Jan. 6

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Michelle Budge, Deseret News

On Wednesday night, Fox News spoke to 2024 Republican candidate Mike Pence on what sets him apart from his competitors, and CNN spoke about a Republican poll that Anderson Cooper called “ridiculous.”

Fox News — Conservatism vs. populism

“Republican voters face a choice,” former Vice President Mike Pence said in a speech given at Saint Anselm University in New Hampshire on Wednesday. “Will we be the party of conservatism, or will we follow the siren song of populism unmoored to conservative principles?”

On “Hannity” Wednesday night, Pence joined Sean Hannity to discuss populism versus conservatism.

Pence told Hannity that he is proud of what the Trump-Prence administration did under conservative values, “But I believe there’s a rising movement within the Republican Party that I think will be a part of a debate in this primary, about whether or not we are going to stay on that track of those timeless conservative principles.”

He said that there are Republican candidates, including former President Donald Trump, who lean closer to populism.

Americans shouldn’t “have to choose between being the leader of the free world and solving problems here at home. ... Anybody that says we can’t solve the problems facing American families here at home, that we can’t secure our borders, bring law and order to our cities and be the leader of the free world has a pretty small opinion of the greatest nation on earth,” Pence said.

CNN — Do Republican voters blame Trump for Jan. 6?

CNN data reporter Harry Enton spoke on “Anderson Cooper 360” about a Reuters/Ipsos poll that left him shocked.

“Sometimes I look at polling data, and I go, ‘what the heck is going on,’ and this is one of those instances,” Enton said. “Republican voters don’t seem to blame Donald Trump for anything, and that includes Jan. 6.”

The poll asked Republicans the question, “Did the left wing lead the Jan. 6 riots to make Trump look bad?”

  • Agreed — 51%.
  • Disagree — 30%.
  • Don’t know — 18%.

In regards to the 51%, Enton said that is a conspiracy theory. Cooper added, “I mean that was the early days conspiracy theory of this is was ANTIFA disguised. I mean, that’s just ridiculous.”

“But this is where the Republican base is right now,” Enton said, “And this gives you a very good understanding why poll after poll after poll finds Donald Trump so far ahead in this Republican race.”