In September 2023, Spotify released “your day in a playlist.”

Updating frequently throughout the day, Spotify daylist creates personalized playlists that change according to the music a user listens to throughout the week, day or hour.

Popularity has since spiked as users take the creation to social media by storm.

What is daylist on Spotify?

Similar to Spotify Wrapped, which is a shareable end-of-year “receipt” of a user’s top songs and artists throughout the year, Spotify takes note of what is listened to throughout the day.

Daylists include:

  • New and familiar curated music choices based on recent listens at each update.
  • A title that describes the mood of the playlist.

Titles have included “lonely breakdown Saturday afternoon,” “sludge metal crust punk Thursday morning,” “pumpkin spice” and “delulu loops tuesday morning,” often noting the day and time. Titles are specific and generated personally for each user.

Spotify stated “the playlist (title) helps you understand more about your taste in music — and express your unique audio identity.”

Under the title, Spotify notes the recently listened to genres that helped create the daylist.

How do I see my daylist on Spotify and how can I share?

Daylist is currently available to both free and premium Spotify users in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia, New Zealand and Ireland at On a desktop, you may also search “daylist” to bring up your current playlist. On mobile, you can view when your next update will be from the playlist page.

To save a daylist into your library on Spotify, tap the three-dot menu, select “Add to playlist” and tap “New playlist.”

There are three different options to share your daylist after tapping the share button:

  • A pre-made screenshot.
  • A social media sticker to share on stories and posts to share on.
  • A changing sharecard with up to four background graphics depending on the time of day you post.

Putting your personality into words

The public is taking daylists to heart. Within the month of January, Spotify reported searches for daylists have been amplified over 20,000%.

“Don’t tell me your zodiac sign, go into your spotify and tell me the title of your daylist playlist,” one user posted on X.

“How many of you have been personally victimized by spotify’s daylist?” another asked.

Spotify said, “Our goal is to create delightful, personalized experiences for every user, and daylist allows you to enjoy the very best of your niche taste and ever-changing moods.”