Remember painstakingly gathering the perfect grouping of songs that reminded you of that special someone? Not too long ago, you’d have to put them together on a cassette or CD.

Now, compiling a playlist is easier than ever, since everything is digital and accessible with the touch of a button.

But you can still make a playlist that’s extra special by creating a scannable code your Valentine can use as a key to get access.

Once you create the code, send it just like that, or get creative and design a Valentine greeting, whether physical or digital, that incorporates that code before the special day.

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For this to work, both you and your Valentine will need a Spotify account.

To create your Spotify mixtape, go on your desktop or the app and create a playlist (note: this can also be done with just a single song). Then click to share the playlist and choose ‘copy link’. Now go to the SpotifyCodes website to paste the link into the white bar.

Once the website generates your code, you can change the size and color of the code. But in order for someone to be able to scan and read that code, there must be enough contrast between the rectangle and the background. The code must also retain the Spotify icon to be readable.

Once the code is the color and size you desire, you can stop there and send it off to someone or download it to use elsewhere.

But to get a little more creative, open up a graphic design website like Canva to create a Valentine. Type in any prompt, like Valentine Mixtape to get customizable design ideas.

Upload the Spotify code you created as an element and incorporate that into your design.

Once you’re happy with your design, you can download it and send it digitally or print it and incorporate it into a Valentine’s Day card.

When your special someone receives it, they simply open up their Spotify app, hit the Search icon and then tap the Camera icon in the upper right hand corner. A camera window pops up asking the person to point their camera at the Spotify code. The playlist or song you have chosen appears instantly for them to play.

And you don’t have to reserve this creative take on a Valentine’s Day card for romantic love interests.

Maybe there’s a song that’s an anthem for your girlfriend group; use that Spotify code on a Galentine’s Day card.

Or does your child’s classroom have a theme song? Use that code for your class Valentine’s Day cards.

The possibilities to level up the old mixtape for Valentines are truly endless.