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High school boys basketball: Tuesday night roundup

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The hoop is pictured during a high school basketball game on Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2023.

Spenser Heaps, Deseret News

Region 1

Weber 62, Syracuse 50

Weber earned a 62-50 victory against Syracuse, elevating their season record to (14-6), while Syracuse fell to (7-13). Hunter Schenck led the scoring for Weber with a stirring 35 points, complemented by three 3-pointers. Teammate Malachi Spencer added 13 points as well. On the Syracuse side, Terik Hamblin put up 15 points, and Beckham Rees scored 14. Weber maintained a consistent lead throughout all four quarters to secure its win.

Layton 73, Davis 71

In a closely contested match, Layton scraped out a win over Davis, 73-71, pushing its impressive record to (19-1), while Davis came out with a (14-6) record. The top performer for Layton was KJ Miller, who scored 19 points including three 3-pointers. Dave Katoa also had a significant contribution, scoring 16 points. Zach Fisher was the leading scorer for Davis with 19 points, seven rebounds, and two blocks. Tradon Bessinger aided with 18 points. Despite their strong second quarter, Davis couldn’t sustain its lead through to the end, resulting in a Layton victory.

Fremont 67, Farmington 55

Fremont overcame Farmington, 67-55, pushing their season record to (11-9) with Farmington falling to (11-8). Tyler Allen was a key player for Fremont, scoring 22 points, boosted by an impressive six 3-pointers, while Easton Duft added another 13 points. For Farmington, Braden Larsen led the scoring with 18 points and four 3-pointers. After a tied first quarter, Fremont gained momentum in the second half, securing the win with a strong final quarter.

Region 2

Riverton 68, Bingham 65

Riverton narrowly overcame Bingham in a competitive contest, 68-65. Riverton’s Ben Barrus, scored 15 points, including one 3-pointer while teammate Evan Berrett added 14 points and two 3-pointers to their tally. Bingham had admirable contributions from Luke West with 17 points, Stockton Tueller, Gabe Sivulich, and Luke Cantwell, who all added 12 points, with Gabe and Luke each recording two 3-pointers. Riverton’s record now stands at (15-5) and Bingham at (10-10). Riverton pulled ahead in the third quarter, which ultimately led to its victory.

Corner Canyon 56, Herriman 45

Corner Canyon triumphed over Herriman with a score of 56-45, bringing its season record to (13-7) while Herriman’s record dropped to (15-5). Leading scorers for Corner Canyon were Isaac Neibaur and Brody Kozlowski, both contributing 18 points, with Kozlowski netting four 3-pointers. On Herriman’s side, the top scorer was Stockton Blanchard with 14 points. While the first half of the game was quite even, Corner Canyon moved ahead during the third and fourth quarters, sealing the victory.

Mountain Ridge 61, Copper Hills 56

Mountain Ridge secured a win against Copper Hills, with a score of 61-56, bringing its season record to (8-12), while Copper Hills fell to (6-13). Leading the scoring for Mountain Ridge was Will Lindsay with 18 points. Cayden Stone contributed 10 points, boosted by two 3-pointers. Copper Hills’ top scorer was Tyler McVey with 18 points, three of which were 3-pointers. Although Copper Hills held an initial lead, Mountain Ridge caught up and outscored its rival in the fourth quarter to clinch the victory.

Region 3

Skyridge 56, Lone Peak 49

Skyridge overcame its cross-town rival Lone Peak with a final score of 56-49. The win gives Skyridge a record of (9-11) and Lone Peak’s record slides to (10-9). The leading scorer for Skyridge was Jordan Kohler with 23 points, including two 3-pointers. Tate Larson also added significant contributions with 14 points. Thom Kramer led the scoring for Lone Peak with 16 points, featuring three 3-pointers, and Ike Stayley contributed to the game with 14 points. Despite Lone Peak’s efforts, Skyridge managed to gain a strong lead in the third quarter which it upheld till the end, securing the victory.

Lehi 85, Westlake 64

Lehi emerged victorious against Westlake with a significant score of 85-64, improving their season record to (17-3). Westlake, in contrast, fell to (5-15). Cooper Lewis had an impressive performance for Lehi, scoring a whopping 41 points. He achieved this tally by converting 16 of 23 attempted shots, including five 3-pointers. Lewis also contributed four rebounds, eight assists and two blocks to his stat line. Jace Adams was Westlake’s top scorer with 22 points, including four 3-pointers. Despite Westlake’s efforts, Lehi’s strong third and fourth quarters secured their win.

American Fork 67, Pleasant Grove 61

American Fork defeated Pleasant Grove with a final score of 67-61, improving their season record to (12-8), while Pleasant Grove’s record dropped to (11-9). Tiger Cuff was the leading scorer for American Fork with 16 points, with Jared Shepherd contributing 12 points and Xander Hale adding 11 points. Pleasant Grove showed a balanced performance with Ryker Mikkelsen, Ty Palmer, Ethan Hillyard, Ryan Hadley, and Andrew Anderson each contributing 10 points. In spite of Pleasant Grove’s balanced attack, American Fork managed to maintain the lead throughout the game to clinch victory.

Region 4

West Jordan 77, Granger 49

West Jordan triumphed over Granger in a dominating performance with a score of 77-49, improving its record to (11-10). Granger thus slipped to a (3-16) season. The highest contributors for West Jordan were Colton Blackham with 18 points closely followed by Jaxon Harris with 17 points. Alex Szymanski also added 14 points to the team’s score. For Granger, Daudi Aweyso emerged as the leading scorer, contributing 17 points. Despite Granger’s efforts, West Jordan established a strong lead in the initial half which they carried through to the end, attributing to the resounding victory.

Taylorsville 61, Hunter 54

Taylorsville emerged victorious against Hunter, 61-54, bringing its season record to (6-12) while Hunter dropped to (7-13). Bronson Dallimore led the charge for Taylorsville, scoring 20 points, including three 3-pointers, while teammate Kobe Allen added 19 points. For Hunter, Dominick Phannolath was the highest scorer with 18 points. Despite a tough second quarter, Taylorsville had a strong third quarter which helped it to secure the win.

Juan Diego 68, Cyprus 49

Juan Diego prevailed over Cyprus, 68-49, improving their season record to (12-8) as Cyprus slipped to (4-16). Leading Juan Diego’s charge was Luke Meyer with 15 points, closely followed by Caden Fenger with 12 points, including two 3-pointers, and Tevarii Pecqueux who contributed 11 points. Cyprus witnessed an outstanding performance by Koli Fosita, who tallied 24 points and three 3-pointers. Despite the balanced scoring attack in the fourth quarter, Juan Diego secured the win thanks to a commanding lead established in the second and third quarters.

Region 6

Olympus 85, Brighton 70

Olympus emerged victorious against Brighton, 85-70, extending their season record to (17-3), while Brighton dropped to (11-10). Dutch DowDell led the way for Olympus, with a remarkable seven 3-pointers, topped the score-sheet with 33 points, while Reef Smylie chipped in 19 with two 3-pointers. On the Brighton side, Jaxon Soto led with 17 points, closely followed by Bradley Easton who scored 16, including four 3-pointers. Despite a promising start by Brighton, Olympus staged a strong comeback in the last three quarters to clinch the victory.

Alta 68, West 51

Alta secured a substantial win against West with a final score of 68-51. This result bolstered Alta’s impressive season record to (21-1), while West’s record fell further to (3-14). Leading the way for Alta was Jaxon Johnson with 23 points, including two from behind the arc, and Carter Doleac provided additional support with 17 points. West’s top scorer was Chachi Pan with 20 points, supported notably by Elijah Albertson who contributed eight points and notable playmaking with eight rebounds and five assists. Despite West’s efforts, Alta maintained a lead at halftime and sustained it throughout the game, resulting in their win.

Highland 68, East 49

Highland achieved a commanding victory over East with a score of 68-49, pushing its season record to (15-6), while East’s record dropped to (8-12). Grayson Gaddis was a standout performer for Highland, scoring 15 points and netting five 3-pointers. Soren Ries and Matt Lambson also contributed substantially with nine points each. On East’s side, Sawyer Sutton was the leading scorer with 21 points, including four 3-pointers. Highland secured the win with steady scoring throughout all four quarters, outpacing its opponent.

Region 7

Cedar Valley 58, Maple Mountain 55

Cedar Valley pulled off a close victory over Maple Mountain, with a final score of 58-55, bringing its season record to (11-9), and Maple Mountain’s record became (9-11). Leading the way for Cedar Valley was Heath Christensen who scored 21 points, which included two 3-pointers. Christensen also contributed 1 rebound, 3 assists, and 1 block. A notable performance was also given by Brennan Olsen, with 13 points, and 1 block. Despite Maple Mountain’s stronger second half, Cedar Valley held its ground for the victory.

Springville 61, Spanish Fork 56

Springville secured a victory against Spanish Fork, 61-56, improving its record to (12-8) and Spanish Fork sliding to (4-16). Jamyn Sondrup led Springville’s effort with 19 points, with Mason Hansen close behind on 17. Aiding Spanish Fork was Gage Christensen’s 23-point performance, including five 3-pointers. Even though both teams matched scores in the third and fourth quarters, Springville took the win by keeping an edge in the first and second.

Timpview 80, Salem Hills 64

Timpview claimed victory over Salem Hills in an 80-64 game, improving its record to (14-6) while Salem Hills slid to (7-13). Dean Rueckert was the star performer for Timpview, contributing a sizable 29 points, including four 3-pointers. Other significant contributors were Mason Ford and Nate Davis with 11 points each. For Salem Hills, Chase DeGraffenried emerged as the top scorer with 30 points, supplemented by Kolby Dyches with 16 points. Despite a strong start from Salem Hills matching the first quarter scoring, Timpview pulled ahead in the succeeding quarters to secure its victory.

Orem 64, Wasatch 43

Orem secured a significant victory against Wasatch in a 64-43 game, enhancing its impressive season record to (16-4) while Wasatch fell to (8-12). Jax Allen was Orem’s leading scorer with 16 points, followed closely by Kai Wesley with 13 points. Asher Young and Chance Dastrup each added 11 points to the team’s tally. Wasatch’s top scorer was Sam Lind with 20 points including three 3-pointers. Even though Wasatch fought hard, Orem was able to maintain a comfortable lead throughout the game, resulting in their win.

Region 8

Layton Christian 56, Provo 44

Layton Christian Academy outplayed Provo, securing the win with a final score of 56-44 and improving its outstanding record to (21-3). Provo, on the other hand, fell to a (15-8) record. Alan Gballau was the leading scorer for Layton Christian, contributing 19 points, followed closely by Tyrin Jones with 12 points. For Provo, Finn Powelson emerged as the top contributor, putting up 12 points. Despite Provo taking an early lead in the first quarter, the Eagles managed to outscore the Bulldogs in the remaining quarters.

Mountain View 58, Payson 55

Mountain View eked out a win against Payson with a final score of 58-55, improving its season record to (14-8), while Payson’s slipped to (6-13). The highest scorer for Mountain View was Bryce Mella with 19 points, including three 3-pointers. Simeon Suguturaga also put up 14 points, along with 7 rebounds, 6 assists, and 3 steals. For Payson, Kamika Wesley was the leading scorer with 15 points, aided by Braxton Shirley with 10 points. While the game was closely contested, Mountain View managed to pull ahead through the third and fourth quarters to secure the win.

Timpanogos 67, Uintah 48

Timpanogos secured a convincing win over Uintah, 67-48, pushing its season record to (13-9) while Uintah’s record slipped to (6-15). Jaxen McCuistion and Steven LaPray were key players for Timpanogos, both scoring 13 points, with LaPray making three 3-pointers. Josh Graf also contributed significantly with 11 points. For Uintah, the highest scorer was Dauson Gardiner with 22 points that included four 3-pointers. Timpanogos maintained a consistent lead throughout all the quarters, securing its victory.

Region 17

Draper APA 54, St. Joseph 52

Draper APA Eagles narrowly edged out a victory against St. Joseph Jayhawks, 54-52, marking an improvement in their record to (5-14), while the Jayhawks fell to (2-13). The game was closely contested, with the Eagles managing to maintain a slight lead throughout.

Region 19

Monticello 40, Pinnacle 37

Monticello clinched a narrow 40-3 victory against Pinnacle, bringing its season record to (7-11) and Pinnacle’s to (7-8). Curtis Bunker was the top scorer for Monticello, contributing 16 points, supported by Mason Atwood and Kaden Pehrson with 9 and 8 points respectively. For Pinnacle, Cole Barton was the leading scorer with a notable 21 points. In spite of Pinnacle’s efforts to close the gap in the final quarter, Monticello managed to maintain the lead and secure the win.


Bryce Valley 56, Tintic 51

Bryce Valley (6-15) secured a win against Tintic (9-11) with a tight final score of 56-51. Zaren Roberts was the leading scorer on the Bryce Valley side, contributing a high of 28 points, which included two 3-pointers, and Luke Andrus pitched in with 9 points. For Tintic, the top scorers were Cole Ward and Stockton Hansen, who contributed 21 and 17 points respectively. Despite Tintic’s strong comeback in the final quarter, Bryce Valley managed to sustain their lead and secure their victory.

Milford 70, Green River 56

Milford came out on top against Green River with a score of 70-56, taking its season record to (12-8), while Green River’s record fell to (14-6). Leading the scoring for Milford was Sadler Barnes with 21 points, including four 3-pointers. Barnes also contributed 5 rebounds, 9 assists, and 7 steals. Tanu Aatui was another key contributor with 20 points, as well as 7 rebounds. Unfortunately, the player stats for Green River were not provided in the document. Regardless, Milford displayed a consistent performance throughout the game, securing their victory.

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