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See The World From Utah’s Hogle Zoo

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This summer, take the family on a far-off adventure that’s not far from home. At Utah’s Hogle Zoo, there’s wonder around every corner: discover the enchantment of the African Savanna, meet the great apes face to face, stand in awe of our Elephants, go deep into the Rocky Shores, and visit the fascinating Asian Highlands. Let’s take a walk around the park and see what’s waiting for you at the zoo.


Something for everyone, every time

No two visits to the zoo are the same. With special events like the upcoming Wild Aware Utah Day to educational classes and camps, there’s always something new at the zoo.

African Savanna

Welcome to the African Savanna. Have you ever wanted to stand nose-to-nose with the king of beasts or get eye-to-eye with a towering giraffe? Then you’ll want to journey over to the majestic African Savanna. Here, you can see lions, giraffes, zebras, warthogs, and more. All aboard the Zoofari Express, as you ride a replica 1863 C.P. Huntington locomotive around the Savanna and other key destinations. Learn more here.


Great Apes 

Entering the world of the great apes leaves you with a feeling of astonishment. It’s a family affair here, as Jabali, Husani and Georgia live and play at the Hogle Zoo. Come say hi to almost-two-year-old Georgia, a western lowland gorilla who exudes youthful energy and excitement. She was born at the Hogle Zoo on July 6, 2020. Learn more about the Great Apes exhibit here.

Watch Georgia as a weeks-old newborn


Elephant Encounter

In the “Serengeti of Salt Lake” you can experience the natural outdoor habitats of our elephant friends Zuri and Christie. These mammoth mammals are the second largest in the world and will surprise you with how playful they are. Learn more here. 

Watch as we head into our elephant demo yard to play a game with Zuri and Christie.


Rocky Shores

Go deep at Rocky Shores, where you can get up-close underwater viewing of polar pears, otters, seals, sea lions and more. It’s hard not to have an unforgettable experience here, where it’s both educational and interactive. Adults and kids alike enjoy learning about the animals, what they eat, their behaviors and instincts and their future survival as they explore our interactive technology and innovative educational programs. Learn more here.

Conservation Carousel

Every spin around the conservation carousel helps animals across the globe. From the African elephant, orangutan, polar bear, radiated tortoise, Boreal toad and African lion, you’ll be supporting programs that go into the habitats of these animals to make a difference for their long-term survival. A portion of every ticket sold goes to various conservation programs supported by the zoo. Learn more here.


Asian Highlands

In the Asian Highlands, one can view cats from regions of northeastern Asia, including Amur tigers, Amur leopards, Siberian lynx and Pallas’ cats. Visitors will enjoy immersing themselves in an area rich with culture and learn how the region plays an integral role in the history and folklore of many Asian cultures. If you’ve recently seen Pixar’s Turning Red, you’ll want to get an up-close look at Mow Mow, the red panda. Learn more here. 

Local Flavor, World-Class Experiences

We can’t wait to see what you’ll discover this spring break. Find adventure close to home, but far from ordinary at Utah’s Hogle Zoo. Reserve your tickets today!