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If you’re an animal lover, try these gadgets

If you’re an animal lover, this tech can make your life a lot easier

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Service dog Nick looks around the area as Army veteran Daniel Seelye and his family attend an event where Seelye is officially given a service dog at Fashion Place Mall in Murray on Wednesday, Dec. 19, 2018.

These pieces of tech will make pet-owner’s lives easier.

Scott G Winterton, Deseret News

Pets can bring a lot of joy to their owners, but can be a pain sometimes too. These gadgets will make life easier for dog moms, cat owners and birders too.

Netvue Birdfry Smart Feeder

Bird-watching, or birding, is the new hobby that really picked up steam during the pandemic. And while you really don’t need anything but your eyes and ears to appreciate our feathered friends, you can level up with a bird feeder camera. People commonly use items like feeders and baths to entice birds to their yards. But even the most dedicated bird-watchers will miss a perching visitor now and then.

Think of the Netvue Birdfy Smart Feeder like a smart doorbell for birds. The camera is placed inside an adorable feeder and each time a feathered friend drops by, it starts recording and will identify the bird. Users can get notifications on their phone with details on more than 6,000 species of birds. There’s a thriving community online of people posting and commenting on videos Birdfy cameras have picked up. It is waterproof and has a battery life of up to 12 months or can support solar charging with an upgrade. Models start at $190.

Microchip Pet Door Connect with Hub

Installing a pet door can be life-changing for owners who tire of letting dogs and cats in and out of the house all day long. But they can come with concerns too. Unwanted animals can learn how to enter your home through a pet door and so could unwanted people. I know this because I recently had to shimmy through my aunt’s dog door when she forgot her keys and locked us out of her house. She was impressed, but also worried that others could do it too.

The answer to all these concerns is the Microchip Pet Door Connect with Hub, which costs $220. It pairs with your pet’s microchip so that it only opens when the microchip is present. Owners can use an app to remotely lock or unlock the door any time and create a schedule for when the door will be unlocked.

Zoom Rotating Laser Cat Toy

Watching a cat endlessly chase around the red dot a laser pen makes is pretty amusing. For a low tech way to keep Mr. Whiskers entertained, consider the $26.95 Zoom Rotating Laser Cat Toy that does the work for you. Two lasers rotate and create fun patterns that maker Pet Safe says are visually interesting and challenging for your pet. It’s quiet and turns off after 15 minutes so cats don’t get overstimulated. 

WOpet WiFi Automatic Feeder with Camera

And a solution to what may be the most common challenge of owning a pet: consistent and appropriately proportional feeding times. You may have seen automatic pet feeders before that slowly let food out as bowls empty. But the WOpet WiFi Automatic Feeder with Camera for $119.99 makes feeding a pet precise and fun.

It works with an app to allow users to customize daily feeding times and amounts. You can also add a manual feeding whenever necessary. The fun part is the 10-second recording owners can make that will play before each feeding. So before the food is released into the bowl, your pet can hear, “Come on, Copper. Time for dinner!” Although the sound of the food dropping would probably be enough notification for a pet, it’s nowhere near as fun. The 120-degree wide-angle camera also allows owners to see and speak to their pets while away.

Appreciating animals comes with ups and downs. But these devices can make the challenges easier and the fun parts even more enjoyable.