American Family Survey 2016

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The implications of the findings of the latest American Family Survey will also be discussed and debated during a moderated panel event, “Like Father, Like Son? Family Instability Across Generations.”
Second annual American Family Survey reveals insights on family economics, policy issues and beliefs; Brookings Institution hosts panel on findings.
The newly released 2016 American Family Survey suggests that despite reports the economy has recovered postrecession, many are ill-prepared should even fairly small things go wrong.
World War II drove the need for paid family leave in Europe as it needed to rebuild its population along with the continent’s infrastructure and economy. The U.S. ranks near the bottom among nations in offering unpaid or paid family leave.
For the first time, more children are being born to unmarried mothers than to married ones among women under age 30 — a massive generational shift with a cultural impact that is still unknown.
Take this quiz, based on results from the 2016 American Family Survey.
For the first time, the major party presidential candidates have both announced proposals for paid parental leave. Most Americans would like to see the government require family leave, though they don’t agree about how to pay for it.
The Deseret News, through the Public Interest Network, asked families from around the country about their financial concerns. While many have concerns, they also have help they can turn to. Here is a sample of their responses.