American Family Survey 2018

Understanding what men and women differ on and what they agree on is a start to solving vexing problems.
From #MeToo to technology’s effect on your children, a panel of distinguished scholars from across the nation discuss why the 2018 American Family Survey and its findings matter to the nation’s policymakers, thinkers and families.
The American Family Survey asked nearly 500 parents of children between 12 and 17 to choose up to four concerns from a list of 15. The list may surprise you.
The American Family Survey shows partisan differences regarding who naturalized citizens should be able to bring in, but a huge consensus that parents and minor children belong together.
The 2018 American Family Survey reveals that the same actions — like commenting on someone’s appearance or putting a hand on their back — are less likely to be perceived as harassment when it is a woman doing it to a man.
Does the traditional sequence of family building still hold? New findings from the American Family Survey show that Americans cherish old ideals but increasingly don’t practice them.
The American Family Surveys finds family roles are the ones most people value most, though there are some differences in the degree to which we claim them.