Long before it became famous as Trump’s ‘Winter White House,’ the Florida estate had an illustrious history
The media mogul is best known for Fox News, but he changed professional football forever
Murdoch’s son, Lachlan, will assume control of Fox and News Corporation in mid-November, but his father will continue to offer advice.
The former president’s remarks on ‘Meet the Press’ is raising eyebrows in anti-abortion circles.
A recent BYU grad living in the city says she was scared after a 10-month-old ingested fentanyl at a playground near her home.
New polls show the former president wavering among Latter-day Saints and Utahns.
Online rants are a timely topic after a Utah man who had posted violent threats against the president died in confrontation with the FBI.
But Americans differ on what ‘moral leadership’ means, a new Deseret News/HarrisX national poll shows.
Candidates picked songs about patriotism, fearlessness and hometown values.
Dave Durocher was behind bars, now he’s in charge of The Other Side Academy, keeping people far away from prison.
Gov. Ron DeSantis spoke about the trend when he visited Utah, but a New York Times columnist doesn’t buy his explanation.
With his Fox News exit, life advice from Carlson has been circulating online this week. Young Americans, in particular, should take note.
Historically a mom-and-pop business, real estate is now the target of wealthy institutions. What happens when homeownership becomes less and less accessible?
Reports indicate Trump could soon be indicted of a crime in New York or Georgia
Deeply unpopular with voters, Harris’ defenders say she hasn’t had a chance yet to show what she can do.
Dems just tried and failed to help a GOP candidate in a Wisconsin primary. This tactic was successful in the 2022 midterms.
Apparently a Republican woman over 50 is too much for some members of the media to handle.
South Asian voters are the fastest growing voting bloc in the country, but their allegiance is still up for grabs.
In the latest Congress, there are more progressives than ever, while Blue Dog Democrats have almost disappeared.
Committee members made the case that what Trump and some members of his administration did after the 2020 election was criminal
The Supreme Court justice has been criticized for remarks he made during a hearing on Monday.
Research from Pew might convince us to look in the mirror instead of at our political foes.
Ryan and AEI scholars hope to convince the GOP to tackle deficits and entitlement reform.
Republicans were hoping for big gains Tuesday night, but those hopes were unrealized.
Officially, abortion was on the ballot in five states, but it was an issue in all 50.
This week Congress approved a $1 billion aid package for Ukraine, the largest to date.
Some supporters of former President Donald Trump see a strengthened IRS as the political weaponization of a federal agency
Utah will celebrate the unique, even improbable, balance between individualism and community that pioneers built 175 years ago.
It was conservative versus liberals in the Supreme Court’s final three religion-related rulings of the term.
Despite insistence that the king of talk radio could not be replaced, these people are trying.
Justice Stephen Breyer focused on finding opportunities to compromise. Will his successor do the same?