A. Scott Anderson is CEO and president of Zions Bank.

Utah Sen. Mitt Romney recognizes that climate action and business do not need to be enemies on the national stage
It would be a mistake to exacerbate the intense division that exists by being vindictive and seeking revenge.
The compact can be summarized in a few words spoken by Jesus: “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.”
The Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute made six recommendations to create a simpler, more transparent and better coordinated system for homeless services.
Utah’s pioneering spirit has extended not just to crossing the plains and making the desert blossom as a rose, but also to women’s rights.
As schools reopen, the next few weeks are going to be very important, and also perhaps very stressful, for children, parents, teachers and administrators.
A prudent and effective bonding program can help improve air quality and quality of life.
All qualified Utahns have an opportunity be part of selecting our next generation of leaders by voting in next Tuesday’s primary election.
I have not fully understood, and perhaps never will, the depth of pain, anxiety and suspicion that members of our black and brown communities feel
We’ll never get back to ‘normal’ if it means living and working just as we did before the pandemic.