I returned to live in my mission for three months, but this time I was there for my job. The second round in my mission proved to be a time of great reflection and growth.
Today marks 59 years since Walt Disney opened the gates to Disneyland on July 17, 1955. Here are just a few things you may not know about Disney theme parks.
Bob Carey knows it’s unusual to see a full-grown man walking around in nothing but a pink tutu, but that’s the idea. Carey takes self-portraits of himself in a tutu not just for the grins, but for a good cause.
Christmas greetings from the Slade family of Gilbert, Ariz., do not come in an envelope. For the past three years, the family has sent out Christmas videos on YouTube, showing that they’re not afraid to get a little messy or creative.
Despite receiving harsh feedback for her performance of Maria in NBC’s live broadcast of “The Sound of Music” last Thursday, Carrie Underwood has responded to her critics with the kindness of her nun character.
In the year since 6-year-old Emilie Parker and 19 other children were shot and killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., the Parker family has been acquainted with much pain, but also much hope and healing.
For the past eight years, The Killers has produced a Christmas single with proceeds that go toward charity. This year, the band collaborated with Owen Wilson and BYU animation students and faculty to create a music video to accompany the song.
When finalists on NBC’s “The Voice” sang the traditional Christian hymn “Will the Circle Be Unbroken” last Tuesday, many listeners noticed they replaced “Lord” with “oh.”
Actor Paul Walker, who is known for his role as Brian O’Conner in the “Fast & Furious” movies, died in a car accident Nov. 30. But in addition to his films, Walker also leaves behind his legacy of faith.
Bishop David Musselman did not receive his usual greetings as he approached his LDS church building last Sunday. But then again, Bishop Musselman is usually not disguised as a homeless man for church.
In addition to Independence Hall, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Comcast Center and the Philadelphia City Hall, The City of Brotherly Love has a new building under construction that is gaining attention: the Philadelphia Temple.
Even as Rich Goade faced death after a seven-year battle with cancer, he wasn’t thinking about his own pain and difficulties. He was one to reach out to others and to express gratitude for what he had.
When Kristen Bartkiw she sent her children to day care with a homemade lunch, her children returned home with a note saying the lunch she packed lacked grains, which the day care supplemented with Ritz Crackers and a $10 fine.
For many parents, their child’s nap time is an opportunity to do some cleaning or work on side projects. And for mother Sioin Queenie Liao, her son’s nap time is essential to her current art and photography series.
Hollywood’s latest trend of revisiting biblical stories will have Noah and the ark raining into theaters in March 2014. The film, simply titled, “Noah,” totes big names, and it released its first official trailer last Thursday.
The Make-A-Wish foundation granted a wish to 5-year-old cancer survivor Miles of Tulelake, Calif.
After seeing the positive reception of their first chalking event at Union Square last month, missionaries in the Southern Manhattan Zone took on another chalking project. This time, they drew the Book of Mormon scene referred to as Lehi’s Dream.
In Gotham City, some people say, “I believe in Harvey Dent,” or “I believe in Jim Gordon,” but this Friday, the people of San Francisco will be saying, “I believe in Batkid.”
Last week, the New York Times ran a column by Mark Oppenheimer that explored the world of Mormon writers, saying they “tend to cluster in genre fiction, like fantasy, science fiction, and children’s and young adult literature.”
Two women in Sweden decided to tackle the traditional perception of a helmet and transform it into something entirely different, yet functional.
In a followup to the Nov. 1 video about beliefs of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, SoulPancake posted a new clip from the original interview in its “Have a Little Faith” segment, about “Mormon underwear.”
Norway’s Minister for Children, Equality and Social Inclusion, Solveig Horne, has targeted protecting the family as one of her priorities, starting with encouraging parents to have a weekly date night to combat the country’s divorce rate.
The Children’s British Broadcasting Company re-aired a “My Life” episode dedicated to one of the largest families in the United Kingdom: a Scottish Mormon family with 12 children.
A Kentucky high school student refused to run in her regional cross-country race she had been training for since June because of the race number she was assigned, 666, which she said conflicted with her religious beliefs.
Since finishing her latest tour in August, hip-hop violinist and YouTube sensation Lindsey Stirling has kept herself busy. In the past month, she has collaborated with musician John Legend in a music video and won a YouTube music award.
The opening scenes of an ABC News segment last week introduced clean-cut Nathan Hague, a 17-year-old from Alpine, Utah, who for years, had an addiction to pornography
In a one-minute clip on the Southern Virginia University’s YouTube channel, science-fiction writer Orson Scott Card announced he will be writing a new set of sequels to “Ender’s Game.”
In an interview with CBS, actor/singer Mandy Patinkin, who played Inigo Montoya in “The Princess Bride,” talked about his favorite quotes from the movie.
In an interview with KSL anchor and reporter Carole Mikita on the “Deseret News Sunday Edition,” famed science-fiction writer Orson Scott Card talked about controversial comments he has made and the film adaption of his novel “Ender’s Game.”