We proudly do more with less in Utah, but less isn’t always more. Public education operates on drastically fewer dollars today than 10 and 20 years ago, but student performance remains average. Utah, when has average ever been acceptable?
Our Savior is there for us. He is always ready to give us the peace and strength we need, even through the worst of personal storms.
Today I write my last weekly article on the key principles of business success. It has been my deep pleasure to have written nearly 100 columns over the last 18 months.
Mr. Garff, I’m impressed. As I drive Utah’s freeways I see scores of billboards featuring employees with large ears, exclaiming that they listen to customers. Good for you and good for us as customers and potential buyers of cars.
I am often asked these questions by aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start a business: What do I need to do to be successful? Where can I receive help? What resources are there? Who can guide me?
I am often asked about options to finance a start-up business. Of course investors and bank loans are a common solution. However, a budding entrepreneur simply might not want to bring on investors or can’t secure a bank loan.
As a board member on dozens of companies, the CEO of several firms, and an executive on many more, I have spent countless hours behind closed doors with fellow leaders. Have you ever walked by a conference room and wished you were a fly on the wall?
We all know that every leader is a boss, but not every boss is a leader. We can break down the fundamental differences between a boss and a true leader in terms of opposites. Do you talk or listen? Do you demand or motivate?
A recent study reports that a whopping 43 percent of the workforce cites “lack of recognition” as the reason for their unhappiness. But it’s more than that — employees want to feel valued by their leaders.
Most owners engage in the buying process without knowing or measuring the inherent risks. Somehow the thrill of the deal overshadows their clear thinking and the results are a disaster for all parties.
I recently discovered an alarming fact: Even in a climate of business uncertainty, more than 2 million Americans are voluntarily leaving their jobs every month. Here’s why, plus five suggestions for turning the epidemic around.
I recently reached out to an executive who operates a pediatric practice to learn how he manages his company culture. He shared with me a letter he recently sent his employees.
Stress comes from unrelenting pressure to survive, succeed and make others happy. Do you have it? Is it killing you?
If you are ready to become your own boss, here are four options that might align well with who you are and what you enjoy. Which of the following alternatives suits you best?
I chatted with several PRCA golden buckle Champion Cowboys of the Year to learn their competitive secrets and how they might apply to the business world. In sum, here are the five principles they follow that make them better than anyone else.
America’s risk-taking entrepreneurs strengthen our economy by serving as our most efficient and powerful supplier of jobs. Over the last 30 years, entrepreneurs are responsible for the creation of 40 million American jobs
Utah has just been named Forbes’ Best State for Business for the third consecutive year. What’s happening in the Beehive State to receive this singular honor? And, most importantly, how can other communities get these advantages too?
Are you ready? Is 2013 the year you will tell your own boss goodbye? If statistics hold there will be 500,000 new businesses launched in the U.S. every month of this year.
None of us want to go to jail, lose a marriage, lose our health or lose our valuable relationships with children, extended family and chosen and valuable friends. Are our actions taking us closer or further away from our intended goals?
Burgeoning Internet sales are damaging the traditional business models for many small-business retailers across America. What should shop owners and employees do?
It’s time to determine your company’s goals for the new year. Don’t wait any longer. Smart business builders are working on this task now. From my point of view, it is imperative to establish reachable and measurable goals in advance.
For all organizations, while much is still unknown as we approach the start dates, the implications of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) will be immense.
There are expressions a manager should never proclaim to an employee. Today’s article will benefit all thoughtful bosses and be a reminder of good management principles as well.
This month we celebrate Thanksgiving across America, a time to focus on the gratitude we feel for the blessings we enjoy as citizens of this great nation and for those early settlers whose entrepreneurial spirit laid the groundwork for its creation.
Starting and running a business can be extremely challenging. Most entrepreneurs and managers find new obstacles to remove and towering barriers to scale every day of the week.
Entrepreneurs must keep their eyes and focus on their companies. They achieve greatness by avoiding any situations that might distract them. They must constantly and tightly fix their vision on the most important components of their business.
Business leaders must regularly increase gross revenues by adding more and more buyers who will purchase their solutions to remain viable and profitable.
One of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs and small-business owners is finding the funds necessary to launch — and eventually grow — their businesses.
In starting and growing a business, we need to hone our strategies.
Editor’s note: This article written by Alan Hall originally appeared on Forbes.com and is being reprinted with his permission.