Wildlife managers already maintain hundreds of thousands of acres of artificial wetlands around the Great Salt Lake. But as the lake shrinks, the opportunity to build more grows.
Bullfrog Main Spur Ramp will also become operable again when the reservoir rises about another 7 feet to 3,540 feet.
Driver honks horn to warn girl of driver ignoring sign at bus stop
Sunday night crash on Sessions Mountain claimed the lives of pilot J. Parker Christensen, 28, of Ogden; and Tyson Peterson, 24, and his wife, Kallie Edwards Peterson, 24, of Logan. The flight was a gift from Kallie to her husband to celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary.
Two friends who hid $5,000 last year posted a poem full of clues to their Instagram pages that leads to this year’s trove that is hidden somewhere between Ogden and Santaquin.
Two pictures that were taken for Shoreline Junior High School yearbook — one with team manager Morgyn Poll, who has Down syndrome, and one without.
The Farmers Feeding Utah program delivered food to families in Kanab, even as Utah agriculture is facing serious drought conditions.
Mom just couldn’t resist buying presents for 4-year-old who died of brain cancer in April
If you miss this one Monday night, the next conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn will be about 60 years from now, which means some people could see it twice in their lifetime.
Robert Vest has a Trump sign in his West Jordan yard. His neighbor Jerry Enright has a Biden sign. But despite their differing viewpoints, they added a third sign to let people know they can still get along.
While there isn’t a shortage of wildfires in Utah, local fire agencies are lending the help of 35 brave men and women who are badly needed in California right now.
Friends and family members gathered Saturday at a park to create signs and show love and support for a Clearfield High student who was paralyzed in an accident with an alleged drunken driver.
‘Losing your only child is not something that will ever, ever go away’