Social media envy is driving consumerism in ways never seen before. Fame and fortune have replaced faith and family as the core of the American Dream, according to research by marketing firm JWT.
Although there’s a line between fantasy and reality, some fiction lovers have been inspired by their favorite characters to make a change in the real world.
Paul Walker died Saturday in a car accident at age 40. Best known for his role in the “Fast and the Furious” franchise, the actor was also renowned for his charity work, interest in marine biology and involvement in his daughter’s life.
An ad featuring a Sikh man was defaced with graffiti against Muslims — both inaccurate and inappropriate. Gap responded to outcry on social media.
Xbox has a no-tolerance policy for foul language in its latest incarnation of communication between gamers.
Famous people are spotted serving turkey and cranberries to the needy on Thanksgiving in New York City and Los Angeles.
This year, fan favorite “Doctor Who” turns 50 — and fans had a whole lot to celebrate with a special live broadcast featuring multiple doctors over the weekend.
“Catching Fire” explores the world from the eyes of a girl coming of age in a time of turmoil, and reluctantly becoming the face of the revolution that changes everything. Real-world teens and adults alike identify with the Girl on Fire.
An online petition asks that the government and internet service providers work together to filter out online pornography by default. It is gaining momentum on the petition site on
National Novel Writing Month challenges creativity, drive and ability to follow-through for thousands of participants each year. How three novelists are using the giant web of support that communal novel-writing provides.
Feminist leaders from history were re-imagined by artist David Trumble as traditional Disney princesses, sparkles and all.
New research shows that PG-13 movies have more questionable content than R-rated ones.
Reddit is hosting its annual Secret Santa. This year, it hopes to get into the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest gift exchange ever.
The comic book world is slowly moving toward female main characters, unveiling a new Ms. Marvel in the form of a teenage girl from Jersey.
In the wake of the box office success of “Ender’s Game,” critics and media writers have weighed the impact and importance of the story of a young boy who leads an army to victory amid personal turmoil.
Recent television shows, movies and plays have explored the backstories of beloved villains, while TV continues to celebrate the anti-hero. What are the consequences of our culture embracing these characters, and what do they reflect about our culture?
Music veterans have weighed in on their young counterparts’ tendency to take off their clothes, actresses are sharing their opinions about the sexualization of their profession, and the entire industry is debating the merits of shock value.
Fast food restaurants market differently to children than they do to adults, targeting the experience rather than the food. But obesity is directly tied to fast food marketing.
Women are more likely than men to use social media, and they’re learning how to use it as a tool to promote civic-mindedness, problem solve and enrich their relationships.
Some are saying the title character in the film “Captain Phillips” is an inaccurate portrayal of a man and series of traumatic events for the crew of the Maersk Alabama.
How horror movies reflect our society, the things we are afraid of and the things we accept as entertainment.
With so many people suffering from pornography addiction, Hollywood has decided to dip a toe into the subject. The result is sometimes positive, sometimes negative portrayals of sex and pornography addiction.
C.S. Lewis’ fourth novel is being adapted as the next installment of the Chronicles of Narnia films, based on his beloved children’s books.
Author Neil Gaiman shares his views on the importance of fiction and imagination to encourage progressive, intelligent societies.
Big-budget version of the traditional Bible story is in trouble with test audiences, will have to go through rewrites and changes that director Darren Aranofsky is not happy about making.
Three kids who set out to film a shot-for-shot adaptation of “Indiana Jones: The Raiders of the Lost Ark” will turn their story into a feature film, and create a documentary about their experience.
TV shows these days are rife with characters suffering from mental illness. The illnesses are portrayed in a variety of ways, with a variety of results.
Science-minded thinking could lead to decision-making on a moral high ground.
Today’s entertainment centers around complex baddies who have the best intentions.
“Sesame Street” has expanded its curriculum to include more than the basics. Incorporating behavioral lessons through the experiences of its muppets, the show hopes to teach toddlers how to delay instant gratification in favor of calculated thought.