Thanks to the American Taxpayer Relief Act, consumers will soon be able to switch over from a traditional 401(k) to a Roth 401(k) if they want.
Repeated high stress in the workplace increases an the risk of getting depression twice as much, according to an article by Science Blogs.
College graduates with bachelor’s degrees have a ray of hope as they step out of the collegiate world. Starting salaries have increased 5.3 percent for new graduates in the past year.
In a nation with increasing retirement issues, investing in a 401(k) is becoming a greater gamble, according to Frontline.
Math isn’t as big of a deal on a future career as a high school teacher makes it sound, according to a recent study by a sociologist at Northeastern University.
Forty percent of Americans older than 55 consider the money they used to pay off a mortgage the best ever spent.
Average prom night costs rose 5 percent this year, according to an article by Time.
Family ties saved the Wittern Group during the Great Recession, according to an article by USA Today.
US Airways increased its fees for changing nonrefundable tickets from $150 to $200, following the example of United.
If used the wrong way, deal sites cost consumers money rather than offer big savings.
Writer Tessa Miller believes personal finance is based on one metric she refers to as the “gap,” according to an article by Lifehacker.
Student loans may not be the culprit for the sluggish economic recovery, according to an article by The Atlantic.
Although they won’t be charged for it, paying a credit card payment late on a no late fees card can cost consumers in various other ways.
Even with stock market highs, the majority of Americans are still cautious about investing.
Employment in Utah is looking up, according to the Utah Department of Workforce Services.
Senior citizens can learn to avoid deceptive financial advice by watching for warning signs suggested by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
A simple infographic of what to do to get finances ready for retirement is available as a free printout.
Buying a home is considered a landmark in accomplishing the “American Dream,” but it’s not right for everyone.
Intro rates have remained at a 0 percent average for more than 10 months.
Unmarried couples buying homes together is a rising trend, according to an article by Time magazine.
Teenagers are urged to “have a talk with your family about money” by Justin Bieber in new advertisement videos for SpendSmart Payments Company.
In the past 12 years, Americans have never felt so ripped off by tax rates as they do now.
More national banks are offering prepaid debit cards this year, according to a recent study by Bankrate.
Money is a far-removed factor to what influences happiness in the workplace.
Peter Anderson considers himself a “lazy couponer” but still saved $215 total for four shopping trips that cost $735 instead of $950.
Only 67 percent of Americans collect rewards miles for flying, and, of those, 73 percent don’t know how many they have, according to a recent survey.
With 2013 being the 50th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act, gender pay has been buzzing in social discussions.
Fees related to a 401(k) can cost a median-income household about $155,000 over a lifetime.
The hugely popular personal finance app Mint will soon connect with banks to incorporate their software with online banking.
Picking up convenience store snacks is a habit that could cost $70,307 within a 20-year time period.