Multiple states have plans to ban transgender students from participating in sports for the gender they identify with.
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Sweden and Finland are officially applying to NATO. What happens next?
The young congressman, 26, has been caught up in several controversies during his first term. Did this cost him the election?
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Lawsuits against Meta, the parent company of Facebook, have been filed in Texas and Illinois, claiming the company is abusing the use of biometric data.
The 2022 midterm elections are set to be historic. Here are the states to watch as 5 primary elections unfold today.
In official government hearings, Sweden supports joining NATO. Finland is expected to follow this week
North Korea confirmed that at least six people have died while thousands are infected with COVID-19 and experiencing fever symptoms.
The Wisconsin student is being charged with delinquency. The officer remains employed by the Kenosha Police Department.
In an attempt to bolster security, Finnish leaders express interest in promptly joining NATO.
Apple announced the end of the 20-year journey of the iPod.
‘The way people travel has changed forever.’ This is why Airbnb redesigned its app.
Patron the dog has been awarded for helping detect over 200 explosives left in Ukraine by Russian forces.
Americans have been moving at an increasingly slower rate for years, with 2021 being the slowest year on record since 1948.
Although COVID-19 infections have dropped from the winter, some parts of the country are seeing an uptick in cases. What will the pandemic look like this summer?
Only days after a body was discovered in a metal barrel on the shore of the lake, a second set of human remains has been found at Lake Mead.
‘If abortions aren’t safe then you aren’t either,’ was spray-painted on the side of an anti-abortion organization’s office after the building was set fire on Sunday.
Laura Young knew she had found something special, but she never expected her Goodwill find to be a priceless, ancient work of art.
Airbnb saw its most successful 2 years in history during the pandemic, despite employees working remotely.
TikTok’s algorithm has grabbed the world’s attention. Could this be a problem?
Derek Chauvin pleaded guilty to the murder of George Floyd in December. The judge has now accepted that plea.
Omicron was thought to be less severe than previous waves of COVID-19, but new research is finding that this claim may not be true.
The total of worldwide pandemic-related deaths is estimated to be about 14.9 million.
The 2022 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees have been announced, including Eminem, Dolly Parton and Lionel Richie.
The CDC revealed that 60% of Americans have been infected with COVID-19, but this does not necessarily mean 60% of America is immune to the virus.
The body likely would not have been discovered if it weren’t for extreme drought conditions in the Las Vegas area, causing the lake to recede.
The EPA is investigating a potential “cancer cluster” in New Jersey.
A report by the United Nations predicts that human-induced disasters will increase significantly by 2030.