Former Democratic congressman Ben McAdams and former United Utah Party candidate Jonia Broderick are supporting the independent candidate vying to unseat Sen. Mike Lee.
A proposal from Results for America and Maycomb Capitol could help local governments jump-start innovated solutions to community problems.
Societal inequalities and national debt, issues that were serious pre-pandemic, were exacerbated by COVID-19.
Raising the minimum wage is one of those rare issues where all sides largely agree in principle. Finding compromise, in practice, is much more difficult.
What Biden and Republicans decide may provide our first breakthrough in a dysfunctional Washington on our new president’s watch.
I hope those who serve next year can be less divided and more like the Utahns who roll up their sleeves and work together.
Nuclear clouds must never again threaten the health and safety of those living downwind.
“I’m one of thousands of Americans who contracted the coronavirus. I also became a patient in a Utah hospital’s special COVID-19 unit. I’ve learned how the virus can suddenly turn your life from active and normal, to struggling to breathe.“
The former Texas congressman wants to revoke the tax-exempt status of some religious institutions because of their beliefs. That’s discrimination.