The program is funded by the state with the help of federal American Rescue Plan funds authorized to help with coronavirus fiscal recovery.
A group of 15 Utah leaders met with Israeli government officials, tech startups, agriculture producers and research institutions.
Utah leaders are looking at closely at Israel’s advances in technology and water development.
The bill bans outdoor watering on lawns from Oct. 1 to April 25 but no longer requires the saved water be diverted to the Great Salt Lake.
The Great Salt Lake, which is at a historic low and presents an ecological catastrophe for northern Utah, has been named a top priority of the Utah State Legislature.
So far, Utah’s political leaders have encouraged more of a volunteer spirit in the drought. But Las Vegas’s experience tells us voluntary conservation may not be enough.
Strict laws regulating water waste are working — southern Nevada recorded a 26% drop in water use since 2002.
“Las Vegas is showing it can be done, it can be successful and it can be done with community support,” a Nevada water authority leader says.