Bethany Mandel is a contributing writer for Deseret Magazine. She is a homeschooling mother of five and a widely published writer on politics, culture and Judaism. She is an editor for the children’s book series “Heroes of Liberty” and an editor for

‘Inclusive’ terms reduce women to the sum of their parts, and some people seem to have internalized that messaging.
Our society is troubled beyond measure if lawmakers don’t step in and get answers for parents.
We are failing families when parents can’t find formula for their infants. Why isn’t this major news?
The Twitter account gives parents a disturbing look at what their children are seeing on the app
The desire to protect children from inappropriate content isn’t politically motivated, despite claims to the contrary.
Anti-natalism is showing up on billboards and in streets, fueled by a doomsday mentality and the absence of hope.
Debate over how to define ‘woman’ will help Republicans in the midterms
A new online space offers anyone the chance to form a relationship with a clergy member of their faith or another.
Women are speaking out about the difficulties of conceiving when they are older. Their stories deserve attention.
Forget the straw poll. My most important takeaway from CPAC was that we can’t make online gatherings the new normal.
The dialogue is changing on how we talk about COVID-19, and it’s happened within the past week.
With or without “Build Back Better,” parents need help that a tweak to IRS rules could provide.
Mandated tests and mild cases are overloading hospitals and causing panic.
The sad reality is that photos with large families are an increasingly rare sight in 2021 America.
Trump’s change in rhetoric has taken such a refreshing turn of late, one has to wonder if he was visited by three ghosts this Christmas.
There’s actually a lot of room for optimism that the White House seems strangely less interested in emphasizing.
For adults, life is closer to pre-pandemic normalcy. But for kids, school disruptions and restrictions continue.
Families are driving across the country to see relatives because they’re worried about being kicked off flights.
For many epidemiologists and public health officials, every new COVID-19 variant is another nail.
The rapper and Kim Kardashian have four children and were married nine years. Moving on shouldn’t be easy as Hollywood thinks.
Let’s leave the discussion about vaccinating children to families and medical professionals, not Muppets.
A family of nine lamented inflation and their increasingly expensive grocery bills.
There is a battle over culture war issues happening in our country. And it’s the reason Virginia just turned red.
Many on the left have pushed academic indoctrination. The Virginia governor’s race shows parents are fed up.
Parents need to be able to trust that the authorities approving these vaccines are fully transparent and seriously concerned with the best outcomes for children.
A new documentary makes clear the clothing company had major issues. But we shouldn’t forget the women who just want to work from home.
If following a woman into a bathroom and harassing her is now acceptable practice, where is the new line? Do norms exist anymore?
A silver lining of the prolonged pandemic might just be the way it rapidly reprioritized life choices toward the essentials — especially family.
Women and mothers are making life and death decisions. They need to know that their sources for medical information are unerring.
Slowly but surely, we’re watching a socially liberal young generation come to terms with the fact that there is something poisonous about pornography.