Bethany Mandel is a homeschooling. stay-at-home mother of six and a widely published writer and editor. She writes about parenting and family life.

Women are increasingly afraid of pregnancy and childbirth. Could this form of “exposure therapy” help?
Like the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, some only children felt lonely as kids. Could they help reverse demographic trends?
With his Fox News exit, life advice from Carlson has been circulating online this week. Young Americans, in particular, should take note.
When parents can’t afford child care in the District of Columbia, their unique perspective will be lost on Capitol Hill.
Publishers are hiring ‘sensitivity readers’ and changing the words of beloved authors. This is how a culture withers and dies.
Parental discipline is due for a comeback. Kids need it, and parents do, too.
After having 3 kids, organizing guru Marie Kondo has admitted she’s not as tidy as she once was. Parents the world over are rejoicing.
Tabloids portray “traditional wives” as strange and exotic. Instead, they’re women who have seen what “having it all” really entails.
It’s easy to write him off as a crank, but the provocateur’s predictions have had dire real-world impact.
Making New Year’s resolutions can be as much about spiritual health as physical health.
Obama said her marriage was miserable when her kids were young, but she stuck it out.
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were no doubt under great stress, but most miscarriages are caused by problems that exist at conception.
My family’s holiday season was in the early fall. Don’t inflict another on me.
No amount of money or government assistance can replace the care and love of a family, as a million ‘kinless seniors’ are finding out.
Taking sides in a political battle is never good for a brand, especially when children are involved.
here’s been an increase in the number of women giving birth at home since 2019. It’s especially notable among Black mothers, according to the CDC.
Antibiotics are as important as baby formula. Why isn’t the Biden administration doing more?
There’s a difference between free-range and feral parenting that some parents don’t seem to comprehend.
Hollywood tries to tell us women can have children into their 40s and even 50s. The truth is more complicated.
After Trump’s candidates failed to deliver in the midterms, the GOP might be ready to break up with its leading man.
Parenting is hard, but in many ways, we’re making it harder on ourselves by trying to be “gentle” and “positive” versions of ourselves.
Washing our groceries was silly. Keeping children shut out of school was harmful, and people should be held to account.
Nearly 60% of parents have not had their children vaccinated for COVID-19. We don’t want vaccines to be political, but politicized is what they’ve become.
Newly released scores prove what some of us have been saying all along. It was a mistake to close schools.
Whenever a mother or mother-to-be makes a parenting decision, there’s someone waiting to judge her for it.
The expense and availability of child care got worse during the pandemic, especially for health care workers and others who can’t do their jobs remotely.
The celebrity couple is about to cross into “large family” territory. Few in Hollywood do so in traditional ways.
One interview and one Instagram post show the chasm between the two entertainers in their understanding of God.
Families with young children should think twice about adopting a rescue dog and put safety first.
Young women were told it was fun and empowering to be promiscuous. Now older, they’re speaking out about how that felt.