The release of “Pokemon Go” brought with it an increase in accidents and medical costs. HealthSparq compiled data from their clients to show what an injury from Pokemon Go could cost.
The quarterly Utah Law Enforcement Multicultural Affairs meeting will take place Monday, Aug. 29, at 2 p.m. with the purpose of building trusting and understanding relationships between law enforcement and members of the community.
Sara Hill, Weber State football coach Jay Hill’s wife, was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma earlier in August. To show their support, the Weber State football team shaved their heads when Sara shaved her head to prepare for Chemotherapy.
One year ago this week, Scott Braithwaite addressed Education Week attendees on the importance of not searching for a soul mate.
Evan McMullin addressed questions about his political views as well as how his Mormon faith affects his views in an interview with Fox News.
Cotopaxi, a local Utah company, won the “Gear of the Show” award at the Outdoor Retailers Show in Salt Lake City.
Ryan Raddon, known as DJ Kaskade, talks about his unusual lifestyle in an interview with the Daily Beast.
In a video produced by PMD, Michelle Money shares her experience of giving birth to a son at 15 years old and giving him up for adoption.
Utah was ranked as the ninth most successful state in America and Provo-Orem, Utah, was ranked as the eighth most educated city.
More than 116,000 volunteers participated in the Worldwide Indexing event July 15-17 and digitized over 10 million global family records.
Brain freeze, often called ice cream headache, is a common phenomenon. However, what causes brain freeze remains unknown. Doctors think that the brain may dilate arteries to increase warm blood supply to the brain, increasing pressure in the brain.
In an post, the church welcomes “Pokemon Go” players who visit church sites and encourages members to treat the visitors with kindness.
Two storage units of donations for Deseret Industries went up in flames in Kuna, Idaho. The fire was discovered and reported by a Pokemon Go player in the area.
Utah was ranked the No. 1 state for business by CNBC. The rankings were determined using official state data as well as business and policy experts to assign scores for a variety of 10 categories.
FamilySearch International is hoping that 72,000 volunteers will complete at least one indexing batch during a 72-hour period July 15-17.
In addition to its annual rankings of best colleges,’s Money website recently released a list of the highest-ranked schools for each state.
The Green family has experienced many joys and trials. In addition to their three biological children, they have adopted seven special-needs children from China.
One year ago this week, mother and blogger Brooke Romney shared her thoughts on the culture of fun that children, including her children, learn at a young age.
Craig Bacigalupo and his family have spent three years creating a mini-scale replica of Disneyland out of Legos. The Lego Disneyland will be on display at the BrickSlopes event June 24-25.
It has been a full year since Mangum returned from his mission and began to play BYU football.