The goring is the third incident of a park visitor being injured by a bison in 2022.
Utah is among the states that challenged EPA’s authority to change nation’s power grid.
Facebook has rules against buying, selling or exchanging medical or nonmedical drugs.
Colorado Republican says “The church is supposed to direct the government. The government is not supposed to direct the church.”
Across all demographic groups, younger people were more likely to disapprove.
The Biden administration has proposed changes to expand Title IX protections regarding sex discrimination and explicitly provides protections for transgender and LGBTQ students.
Justice Thomas, in his concurring opinion to the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, said that the court should reconsider cases involving reproductive, LGBTQ+ and same-sex marriage rights.
President Joe Biden proposed a federal gas tax holiday to provide Americans relief at the pump. Utah Gov. Spencer Cox has criticized Biden, saying the proposal would lead to more deficit spending and inflation.
The bill would impose fines on campaigns if one or more of signs have to be removed from public property.
Flooding in Yellowstone National Park has led to temporary park closures and disruption of summer travel plans.
Flooding in Yellowstone National Park has led to Yellowstone closing due to road and other infrastructure damage.
Parts of the park could be closed for a while, according to the National Park Service.
Heavy flooding, rock slides and hazardous road conditions have hit Yellowstone National Park.