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The law of the fast, including fasting one Sunday a month, has been a particularly difficult law to keep for my 8-year-old son.
I hope more than anything, my boys can be like Colby and keep pushing through their fears, their doubts and the darkness that entices. I hope when they come to a sign that says “Stop,” they look both ways, but don’t stay. I hope they go for it.
“If it takes you away from your to-do list, is awkward and uncomfortable, it’s probably the Spirit and you absolutely should act ☺,” Meg Johnson posted. “I challenge you to act today.”
Mostly, I think my purpose in running is to prove to my mama that I can do hard things, just like she taught me to.
I prayed she’d be everything and more for our family. I wanted this to work so badly. But it soon became clear this 50-pound (and growing) puppy had something our Cowboy didn’t: attitude.
I don’t always love everything about the way I look. But my skin is mine to love, something I can take care of begrudgingly or with gratitude. And while it is important to me to take care of this skin, it is not who I am. My skin is not my soul.
Even as I throw life vests her way, my friend may choose to swim, to ride out the waves. And I will love, love, love my mermaid friend, even as I pray for a lighthouse that will guide her back into the warmth of the Son.
I feel like I’ve been given some challenging opportunities to become a full, active participant in the gathering of Israel. I want to be there, standing side by side with my husband as we help move this work forward. I don’t want to miss it.
Using our talents to bless others can agitate the stagnant water of sadness that Lady Gaga talked about, and open the floodgates to a stream of selfless service that brings more happiness and fulfillment than any amount of fame.
“I think women are so strong. And when we are all together and we all feel comfortable to really be who we are, and not be afraid of judgment, then we push ourselves harder and we work harder and we do amazing things.” — Tanya Rasmussen
If we really want to teach our young boys — and as a mother of four, this is my deepest, most earnest desire — to become good men, we have to treat them as if they already are.
My little boy wanted to do something kind for our neighbors, something he thought they’d need, that he’d come up with all by himself. Why in the world was I refusing him that opportunity?
What should have been a beautiful night was spoiled by two overly tired mothers trying to create wonderful memories with their children, all the while missing the whole point.
“No matter how difficult life can get and no matter what challenges we have, we always can choose whether or not we win,” Elder Reed Hallows said. “Like Jarem, I plan to win,” he added of his older brother.
One thing my dad, from whom we inherited our amazing dance moves, taught us is that sometimes dancing offbeat isn’t a bad thing. When you don’t take yourself too seriously, others feel safe to do the same. Because who are we trying to impress?
There is certainly a difference between fighting for a righteous cause and letting anger consume us like wildfire until we have burned ourselves out.
Something happened during that hug with a stranger. I found myself leaning into her. She held me tightly and it was as if there was a lifeline in her arms that was beating energy and love into my soul.
Rachael Herrscher shares an incredible strategy in her home that she teaches her kids to do on a daily basis that could have completely turned things around had Williams practiced it in her match against Osaka: they are called “I” statements.
I firmly believe God has touched each one of us with his hand, and because of this, our creative powers are unlimited.
“Demi helped me with loving myself … Some days are worse than others but I fight. Just like a warrior,” tweeted fan Heidi Lynn.
Your face does not need “tuning.” Let’s let the world see us as we are, untouched. Why not? Let’s stop trying to be beautiful. Let’s be brave.
“These weren’t the best two years OF my life they were the best two years FOR my life to prepare me for even greater adventures and opportunities ahead. I am forever grateful for that.”
No matter where we are on our spiritual journeys — from knowing that we have a Father in Heaven who lives and loves us, to still growing a new testimony or just barely being given a seed — Heavenly Father loves us, knows us and believes in us
The more I look outside myself and try to follow my Savior’s example, the more I realize that he more than makes up for any inconvenience or insecurity serving someone may cause.
We all want the best for our children. The best is a loving home. A safe home. A free home. That is what these mothers want for their babies. I don’t fault them for wanting that, for sacrificing for that, for risking everything for that.
I don’t know the whys of the waiting before the priesthood was restored to all worthy male members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. But I do know that God is aware of all His children, and that He loves every single one of
I’m sometimes sickened by the decisions made by the entertainment industry and the influence movies and TV shows have on us. But I have hope that our voices do matter and that we can make a difference by speaking up.
It’s not the lollipop that’s the problem. It’s the mentality that this is something we should all care about. It’s the idea that our bodies and our bodies alone make us beautiful, and being beautiful makes us the happiest.
Flowers and trees remind me that even in the dormancies of life, stunning color is still a sure part of the future. It is a sure part of your future.
This amazing little challenge has helped me to recognize that I have a choice in my attitude and behavior. I can choose to focus on the good. I can choose to respond with love, even in most difficult situations. I can choose to love parenting.